How a Phillips Steam Generator Saved My Marriage

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A Phillips Steam Generator is so much more than a steam iron. It should be the first thing on the list for all newly weds, as it makes ironing quicker and easier. Discover what else it can do you.

I never thought that I would be so pleased to own a piece of equipment like a steam generator. I mean when you are growing up,Guest Posting all the talk would have been of cars, sports and girls (in no particular order). How a grown man can get so excited about a steam iron needs some explaining.

I have the good fortune to work for myself and to work from home. Part of the deal is that my wife goes out to work, so I do some of the household chores, one of which is the joyful task of ironing.

Let's get one thing clear; I am not a natural ironer. Trying to smooth wrinkles in clothing is not something that I was cut out to do. I am sure that there are techniques I could employ that would help, but it is all a massive learning curve for me.

Removing wrinkles is not the big problem though. My biggest area of concern is with some of the wimpy materials that clothes are made out of these days. The first time I had a problem, I have to say, it was not my fault. I started on a safe pair of jeans, just to check the temperature, and all was well. So, I tried a delicate piece of clothing, and it melted! Sparks started to come out of the iron, so something was amiss, but excuses do not travel far in our house.

Forewarned is forearmed, as I went to work with the next batch or ironing, with a brand new steam iron. It worked great, apart from the fact that I had to keep running to the tap to fill it up. Well, it didn't need filling every five minutes, but often enough to be irritating. The other problem is that non union members of my family also use the iron, and change the settings, without setting them back. Okay, I know I should check before I start, but I forgot. Another piece of delicate clothing bites the dust, and I didn't really have a credible excuse. This ironing business is a costly endeavour!

The big breakthrough came in the guise of a Phillips Steam Generator. A huge tank of water supplies a constant supply of steam that lasts long enough to deal with a slow poke like me doing the ironing. And because there is so much steam, it actually makes ironing quicker and easier, which is a great boon to me. It also means that even the most delicate of clothes are safe from an ironing clodhopper like myself!

Discover how a Phillips Steam Generator went above and beyond the call of duty, from ironing out wrinkles to smoothing a marriage. A steam iron comes to the rescue!

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