Will The Audiobook Harry Potter Break New Records?

Feb 20


Charlie Cory

Charlie Cory

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Discover a new world of Harry Potter through an Audiobook recital. A professional actor's reading brings much more to life at Hogwarts than you could imagine.


As far as top selling children's books go,Will The Audiobook Harry Potter Break New Records? Articles the Harry Potter series of books are in great company.From Winnie The Pooh to Disney, to Nancy Drew to Roald Dahl. Plus a myriad of books in between as well. For many years up until the mid 1990's, some of these stories ruled the roost.

Once JK Rowling's series hit the shelves however, the children's book charts have known no equal. From 1997 until the present day, Harry Potter has been King! With over 300 millions book sales in the first 8 years, the kids book business has never been healthier. And there is no sign that these sales will wane.

Riding on the back of the book sales, Audiobook Harry Potter is also making great strides. Based purely on the popularity of the books themselves, the audio book will make great sales, but are they worthy of this amount of attention in their own right?

From my personal opinion, I am an audiobook convert. The reason for this in my case was because I was completely incapacitated and had to lie completely still, so was very limited in ways that I could keep myself entertained. I also couldn't see very well, so was bitten by boredom as much as anything else. The audiobook Harry Potter series were a boon to me, because they offered me many hours of distraction, that didn't involve me doing anything, other than sitting and listening. It was also company as well, so audio books are a great source of comfort to those who are confined to their beds.

What was more surprising was that finding myself in this situation, I actually enjoyed the quality of the reading. Some nuances in the stories suddenly became clear through the expertise of the actor delivering the dialogue. I am sure that many will get great joy from Harry Potter delivered in audio format.

An audiobook Harry Potter is much more than a simple story telling. It is a rich tapestry, bringing out the best from the Harry Potter books in audio format.