How To Store Your “Stuff”: Baby Toys Edition

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We’ve all heard the old George Carlin bit about “stuff”. Any parent knows that it’s important to find a way to store all your child’s “stuff”.

I’m probably about to date myself,Guest Posting but do you remember that old comedy bit by George Carlin about “stuff”? You know, we have so much “stuff” that we have to go to lengths just to find places to store all of it? It’s a classic comedy bit and one of the most relevant pieces you’ll ever hear, especially if you have kids because it’s true: kids just have so much “stuff”. May it be personalized baby toys or stuffed animals or books or clothes or blocks or whatever, if you go into any room where a child has been roaming you realize just how much stuff they have.

The major challenge for any parent is finding a place to store all this baby “stuff”. Anyone who has children or has friends who have children knows that baby “stuff” has a tendency to not be placed somewhere but instead strewn all over the place. While most parents have come to terms with the fact that there will be some heavy clean up at the end of the day, they still need a place to store this stuff until it will be used… or sorry, “strewn” the next day.

While most chain stores and catalogs have a decent selection of storage for baby goods, the place that I’ve found that has the best selection is none other than IKEA. These massive warehouses of furniture, home furnishings and nick-nacks has everything you’ll ever need (and probably more) for your baby “stuff” storage needs. Not only do they provide a plethora of chests, shelving, book cases and drawers, but also creative storage opportunities that seamlessly meld into your room. One of my favorites is a set of bunk beds which also incorporate a desk and a dresser. It looks good and has lots of extra storage. IKEA also features kid friendly desks and drawers which features different colors, animal designs and a variety of different play sets which ingeniously features storage space for easy clean up.

One of the best ways to store your kids “stuff” might be to go with the good ol’ fashion toy chest. Around 30 years ago it seemed that every kid had some type of large toy chest to hold their toys. And while it wasn’t the neatest way to keep their toys, it was definitely one of the easiest. Heck, kids don’t mind the fact that they were all strewn in there it was part of the fun searching through there. More recently, a lot of my friends have gone back to toy chests for their kids as many companies have started making sturdy and more modern designs. You can pick them up online or find them in just about any chain store (or, heck, IKEA). A toy chest might be the easiest way to help fight the war on kids “stuff”. No longer will you step on your kids sharp play toy in the middle of the night.

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