Just a Touch of Autumn

Sep 11


Arleen M. Kaptur

Arleen M. Kaptur

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The calendar pages drop so quickly and Summer is over - the fun, ... ... outings, family, etc. ... not - the most ... ... and exciting season is about ready to


The calendar pages drop so quickly and Summer is over - the fun, Just a Touch of Autumn Articles get-togethers, vacations, outings, family, etc.
Absolutely not - the most colorful, exhilerating and exciting season is about ready to arrive. Autumn-Fall-Harvest Time - whatever name you attach to this time of year - it is a tribute to the world around you as the Holiday Season is fast approaching and great times are just ahead.
Fall gets the "baking" instinct in you up and about - whether you do the baking or a quick trip to a neighborhood bakery. Warm, fresh and succulent apple offerings-pie, doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar, and caramel iced sticky buns, to name a few.
Hay stacks, wagon rides, Indian corn, corn stalks, colorful mums (yellow, white, burnt orange, virant purple), and pumpkins - tiny orange globes and even white ghosty ones to the biggest, brightest Jack-o-Lantern you can find on a cool Autumn afternoon.
There are gourds and straw bales and garden decorating and soon assorted night-time creatures will be lurking around corners and doorways.
Fall is Fun - Autumn is absolutely tantalizing.
Whether you are sipping on a warm glass of apple cider or working your way through a corn maze - just make sure that you and your family or friends venture out and take advantage of each and every Fall day - and don't forget that true sign of Autumn - a campfire or bonfire in your back yard or in a woodsy campground. The scents of Fall fill the air and the breezes bring adventure anew.
Jump in that leave pile like you were a kid again, and toast those marshmallows. You are never too old or young to enoy Fall - so
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