Making a House a Home with Housewarming Gifts

Apr 30


Gabriella Gometra

Gabriella Gometra

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Here are some ideas on how to welcome new neighbors. Consider a local newspaper subscription, a houseplant or a meal on the day of the move-in.

When someone you know has recently moved and gotten a new house,Making a House a Home with Housewarming Gifts  Articles or when you acquire new neighbors, it's always a good idea to visit them and bring them a gift to welcome them. A housewarming gift should be useful and at the same time, something for them to remember you by.
The great thing about housewarming gifts is that you don't need to wrap them. You can just put a ribbon on it if it's big or place it in a basket if it's small. If you helped the family with the move, you might be able to know exactly what they need for their house. For example, if they now have an extra bedroom they may need a new set of sheets and pillows.
Plants are great housewarming gifts since they add a bit of nature into the home as well as decor. Some people have to give away their old beloved houseplants before they move. Plants will live for a long time, and most of them don't require a lot of maintenance for them to live. Make sure that the plant is one that they will like, and double-check to see if anyone in the house is allergic to any type of plant.
A person has an impression of a house as soon as he or she walks onto the doorstep, so you might want to buy your friend a new doormat, or even a doorknocker. You can have these customized with the family's name or motto. You can even buy a wreath for the season with pretty colors to decorate the door.
Everyone appreciates a home cooked meal made with love, and after moving into a new place a home cooked meal can really make one feel welcome. You can cook up a simple dinner for the new residents, and you might even want to include some paper plates and plastic cutlery for them to use so that it's easier to eat and share the food. If you are not confident in your cooking skills, everyone loves a take-out pizza.
If your new neighbors are from out of town, you can buy them a subscription to the local newspaper or tourist guide. This will help them feel more welcomed into the new neighborhood that they are in, and it is a very useful gift since they will be reading the paper too. A tourist guide will help them to learn more about the area and what there is to do.
Many people love to plant gardens when they have a house and backyard of their own, so you can get your new neighbors a gardening kit to help them start a beautiful garden right in their own backyard. The kit should include some gardening tools and a young plant or two. In a few months or years the garden will be looking beautiful and serve as a reminder of your thoughtful gift.
All houses should be decorated to reflect the owner's style and to make it feel more like a home. You can help contribute to a home's ambience by giving the homeowner a piece of art that they can hang on their walls. You can also give them a picture in a picture frame. If you know the homeowner's taste in art, then this is a great time to use that knowledge to get them a great housewarming gift. No matter what you choose to get the new homeowner as their housewarming gift, make sure it comes from the heart and they will definitely appreciate your efforts.