Planning a Successful Fall Garage Sale

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Its about that time of the year again when the leaves turn purple, yellow, gold and red.  What a great time to clean out that garage and have a fall sale.

Are your ready to have a successful fall garage sale or are you going to be fumbling around getting things unpacked and cleared out,Guest Posting throwing dirty old stuff in boxes and on disorganized racks, shoes in boxes and just going through the stages of planning  a mayhem party.

So what can you do to ensure a hugely successful fall a garage sale?  For starters, your fall garage sale planning starts months before.  What I have found to be a good practice is I have keep few boxes in the garage and each month as I am cleaning out things or come across something that is unused I will throw it in the box for a possible garage sale item.  When fall comes around and I am ready to sell, I have all the inventory I could ever dream of having.  This way I am are constantly clearing out outdated and most importantly unused items. 

Here are a few more great tips that will help you have a garage sale that will be talked about for months on end.

Plan the date of your garage sale ahead of time, contact your local newspaper and put in an order for an advertisement.

Make out an inventory list of all the items you will have for sale, with prices and the date printed on the list, make fifty copies and drop them off around the neighborhood.  Make sure that you mention that your neighbor invite their friends.  If you can, have an entry form on the back that can be completed for the end of garage sale drawing.

Make some colorful signs that are placed in some high traffic intersections.  Remember your goal is to have a ton of people to come to your sale so that you can sell out of everything.

Mark all your items, this ensures that you will not have to answer, as many questions about pricing at the sale this can be extremely stressful.

If you have any items that could use a little cleaning and repair work before hand, go ahead and do it.  Items that are broken or dirty may not sell and you will end up just throwing them away.

For some added sales, try to pick a warm to hot day.  Have a large tub filled with ice and cold drinks.  Sell them for a dollar a piece, you will be amazed how much money you can make selling drinks and this actually may be the real item that can make your garage sale successful.

I hope that this article has given you some good ideas for your fall garage sale.  Lastly, do not forget the fun part, counting all your money and dreaming about the nice things you can buy.

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