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Everyday thousands of domains names expire with the site owners simply abandoning them as one would an old rusted car at a junk yard. 

Why do they simply walk away?  For some it may be that they have lost interest,Guest Posting while others it may be that they are not reaching their intended goals.  The bottom line about all this is that this piece of junk now can serve as an opportunity for you to capitalize on. 

So why would you and how do you take advantage of an abandoned website?  Firstly, you will need to search for domain names that are about to expire.  There are numerous sites that will provide to you for a small fee a list of domain names that are about to be thrown on the junk heap.  Once you have a list, search for some domain names that are relatively close to your own.  Chances are that the same site visitors that visited the site may be interested in your site.  So you can take advantage of the site traffic from this forgotten site.  Sure, it may not be much but even if it has a steady trickle of traffic you can make something out of it. 

Once you have found a few domain names you think you can work with, you should then evaluate the power of the name.  You can do this by checking its Google page rank.  Many site owners spend a considerable amount of time and money building their page rank.  Next, type in the URL of the domain in any search engine and see how many external sites are linking into the site.  Link exchange programs take a long time to build, here again you can take advantage of another site owner’s effort.

After you have purchased the domain name, the only thing to do is to have the site traffic redirected to your website.  This is easily accomplished by making some customized changes in your control panel which is usually located with your host company.

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