Prince William's wedding

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Prince William And Kate's wedding is prepared, it's details will be revealed.

Prince William's wedding is going to be another grand wedding in the England royal family. It is expected by the public. But I am afraid it is a nightmare for the Wedding Planner. Because the weeding not only must meet the flavor of the bride,Guest Posting her families, the Groom, and his royal relatives, also it  has to get the support of the British people.

It can be said that William grew up with the cares of the British people. At present, he finds his Destiny's Child, and will get married and enter another period of life. Certainly the British bless him. But in the economic downturn and state's present financial distress, many people feel complex towards the cost of the wedding.

Prince's wedding won’t be shabby, it must be worth seeing and enough style. But in tough national economic times, it seems not be too lavish, and out of touch of the public. William is the second largest British royal heir to the throne. Logically, his wedding shouldn’t be as grand as his grandmother Queen Elizabeth in 1947 or his parents, Charles and Prince Diana. But British Prime Minister Mr. Cameron said he might consider a day off for properly celebrate.

The wedding venue has not finalized yet, the media speculated that Westminster is most likely to be chosen. Last week, the bride visited it, which was photographed by the paparazzi. By all accounts,Westminster is the ideal wedding venue. The cathedral is gorgeous, solemn and warm with more than thousand years of history, where the British kings and queens crowned. At the same time, it is also the great place where many great poets, politicians and the seventeen King Sand queens of England rested. it is full of happy and sad memories for all the British royal family.

British Queen and the late Mother Queen were married in Westminster, William's mother Diana's funeral also held at Westminster.  It can accommodate two thousand two hundred people, it is big enough for the wedding.

The public concern who is responsible for the wedding cost. the royal family can set aside some of annuity to support William’s wedding, If it is not enough, the Queen, William's father Prince Charles and the bride’s family should also sharing a part of the cost. The bride's father, Mr. Gordon Middleton, is a self-made businessman; he operates the business of banquet plan. So he is dedicated to the wedding. All in all, William's wedding should not justify the additional money from the state treasury.

Of course, there are still some people are willing to pay a certain amount for William's wedding.  74-year-old retired woman, Susan said, if every person can give out of five pounds or ten pounds, the total amount is very impressive, and the UK is full of joy with William’s wedding. She is happy to give this little money to help him run a lively wedding. The 25-year-old cook Julie also feel s its ok. She said, she is willing to pay at most fifty pounds.

Analysis predicted that the William‘s wedding should help to boost the British economy. It is estimated to create business opportunities of six hundred and twenty million pounds. Some retailers have introduced William and Kate’s wedding souvenirs. Many on line stores such as also catch the chance to promote the Crazy Week Activities .At 50% off discount for all the items on the store especially for the the wedding supplies  to attractive the customers. At the same time, many cool-novelties such as the William and Kate’s wedding Gifts such as cups and Photo Frames also can be found, with several dollars each. 

From the spirit level, he royal wedding should also contribute to encourage the British. The British people are trying to get rid of the most serious economic recession and heavy debt during half a century. everyone's heart is full of uncertainty for future. The royal wedding plays the role to make public excited.

 William is loved and Very popular among the British people and his bride is beautiful and generous. In these years the image of the British royal family was corrupted by the divorce, sex scandals and various other dishonorable things. They are just like a breath of fresh air. So far, the most outrageous thing William has done is that he went to his girlfriend home by military helicopter, when he was trained at the Royal Air Force.

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