Russian nanny London: 5 characters donned by an efficient Russian nanny

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Nannies can be great to have around since they keep a constant eye on the children when the parents are too preoccupied with their work. So,Guest Posting most families in London keep looking for a sophisticated and efficient nanny from a reputed nanny agency. These days, nannies are expected to don multiple roles. And to their credit, they have risen to the expectations wonderfully well. So, now people are looking for those nannies who can offer extra benefits.

A Russian nanny can be an ideal choice for reaping multiple benefits out of the contract. With a sound knowledge of Russian language, she can easily get your young ones learn new words and phrases of a foreign tongue. This can easily help them in the future when they pursue higher studies and look for professional jobs.

To give a brief view, let us discuss the various characters donned by a Russian nanny London:

i. Perfect substitute for mother: These nannies are the perfect substitutes for mothers. Owing to the demanding schedule of the modern life, most mothers aren’t able to give enough time to their kids. Either they have to rush to offices or they have to look after the domestic chores. In such a scenario, having a nanny can be extremely helpful. She looks after the kids taking up the heavy mantle of a mom and nurturing them with full care and affection. She feeds them during meal times, plays with them and takes care of their daily needs.

ii. Teacher: Russian nanny London acts as a great teacher. Herein, she assumes a twin role. On one hand, she teaches the general things which the kids have in their schools. She lends a helping hand in the homework and prepares them for their exams. On the other hand, she inculcates fine manners and discipline in them. The role of a teacher is multifarious. And these nannies have shown the way of doing it with verve and style. Without being preachy or didactic, they make the kids understand the difference between the right and wrong.

iii. Foreign language instructor: Very effortlessly and in a completely natural manner, these Russian nannies act as a foreign language instructor. They teach some basic words of Russian to the children and once they pick them up, she moves on to the next level. This happens in a very natural way and within the realms of everyday life. No extra pressure is applied on the young minds but words are injected through normal chitchats and conversations.

iv. Friend: A good nanny will be strict when the kids are doing something wrong, but she would also soften up easily once the punishment is over and done with. That is why it is very important to hire them from a top-class nanny agency. The professional nannies have a way with the kids and they can become their best pals in no time.

v. Guide: These nannies act as a guide and philosopher. They explain them the righteousness of valuing each other’s culture and to respect everyone-whether a native or a foreigner. These values go a long way in their character building and personality development.

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