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The changeover to digital TV has prompted many people to consider their satellite TV options as well.

A final and non-extendable deadling has been set by the FCC for broadcasters to change their signals to digital format from the analog system of the past. From February 17 2009,Guest Posting broadcast networks will no longer be airing analogue TV signals.

Satellite TV and digital cable TV subscribers will not be affected by the policy as they already receive digital broadcasts from their respective providers. Those who are currently receiving broadcast signals with the help of an off-air antenna or analog cable provider will definitely be affected by the transition.

In order to receive digital channels, a non-subscriber of Satellite TV and digital cable TV broadcasts may do any of the following:

* Replace an analog TV with one that has a digital tuner or one that can receive digital signals. There's no need to rush out and buy an expensive HDTV in panic just yet. You current TV may have come equipped with a digital tuner.

* Obtain digital channels from a Satellite TV provider or from a digital cable provider. Current subscribers to satellite TV already have receivers which will change digital signals to a format recognized by analog TV sets.

*Obtain and install a digital converter box. One may still use an analog TV set by purchasing a digital converter box. The digital converter set-top box will process the digital signal it receives and convert it into analog format for a non-digital TV.

A digital converter may cost anywhere from $50 to $100. To lessen the costs of switching, the U.S. government has offered coupons for rebates of $40 to those who buy digital converters.

Interested TV owners may now buy their digital converters at their favorite electronic outlets.

The change from analog to digital TV will be beneficial to both government and private sectors. The conversion to digital transmission will free up frequencies in the broadcast environment for more crucial uses.

End users will, on the other hand, enjoy the renowned digital audio and picture quality. Some viewers may immediately assume that all channels will be transmitted in the much coveted High Definition format.

It will all depend on the TV set that receives the signal and the provider that delivers the signal. Digital TV may be in Standard Definition or in High Definition.

Regardless of the kind of definition one may eventually receive, what is certain is that digital TV will produce superior picture and audio quality that no analog broadcast can provide.

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