Set The Holiday Season Mood With A Christmas Movie

Dec 21


D. Halet

D. Halet

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Apart of Christmas tree, decorations, parties and gifts, there is something that adds a special atmosphere to the holiday season: Christmas movies.Alm...

Apart of Christmas tree,Set The Holiday Season Mood With A Christmas Movie Articles decorations, parties and gifts, there is something that adds a special atmosphere to the holiday season: Christmas movies.Almost all adults have sweet memories related to a Christmas movie; a movie that remains favorite and have - sometimes just for a second - a special flavour: the taste of childhood.

We are now adults and know that movies related to Christmas create a fun atmosphere and also teach moral lessons to our children.

When I was a child, the most watched Christmas movies in Belgium were 1950's American movies (Hollywood style obviously) or French films.

For twenty-five years, our society evolved and the quality of Christmas TV broadcasts in French-speaking Europe has decreased. Movies of Christmas Eve have generally been replaced by musical broadcasts whose quality was not the best. Lots of TV companies also tend to offer hundred times viewed movies: for instance, TVI will display Harry Potter 1 and 2 on December 24th while we were expecting watching Harry Potter 3 or 4...

However, thanks to the Internet and DVD stores, I have the opportunity to watch the movies I love instead of those proposed by TV companies.

Here are some examples of beautiful and/or humorous Christmas movies I love:

"Bishop's Wife"

A nice movie in the Hollywood tradition!While working on plans to build a cathedral financed by a rich widow, Henry Broghaman, an Episcopal bishop neglects his family and prays for divine guidance.His prayers are heard and Dudley, an angel, is sent to help him.

The mission of the angel is not to assist with the building, but in his relations with his family that he is neglecting.

But Dudley falls in love with the bishop's wife and Broghaman is jealous...

French title of this movie is "Honi soit qui mal y pense" (Old English: shame upon him who thinks evil of it).

"The sound of music"

This movie tells the story of Maria, a young Austrian who was studying to become a nun. She was hired by Captain Von Trapp, a widower to be the governess to his seven children.

The children were initially hostile to her but finally became her friends when she thaught them the joy of singing.

Captain Von Trapp and Maria fell in love and get married. When the Nazis took power in Austria, Captain Von Trapp and his whole family fled the country and found refuge in Switzerland.

This romantic musical comedy is one of French-speaking European favorite movies.

"3615 Code Pere Noel"

Thomas is a child who has everything: a mother who loves him, a cheeky grandfather, thousands of different and expensive toys.

Thomas is a clever child and on Christmas Eve, while planning of catching, he communicates with him through the Minitel (the French ancestor of the instant messenger).

Unfortunately, the alleged Santa Claus is a psychopath employee that his mother just laid off. A few hours later, the false Santa penetrates Thomas castle and the nightmare begins.

The English title of this thriller is "Dial Code Santa Claus"

"Le Pere Noel est une Ordure" (Santa Claus is a junk)

"SOS Distress and Friendship" is a charity association run by Mrs Musquin. While she decided to celebrate Christmas Eve with her family, Pierre and Therese, will spend their evening the phone and try to give some hope to desperate people.

They do not know that this Christmas Eve will get them into silly accidents as well as unannounced visits of desperate, and sometimes, dangerous people. The evening will turn into a humorous nightmare.

The American remake of this movie is "Mixed Nuts".


This is a modern adaptation of the Dickens tale. Francis Cross, who is the program director of a TV station, is a disagreeable person.During the Christmas Eve, three ghosts will take care of them and teach him how to become a pleasant person by showing him the good side of life.

This movie is also a nice message that teaches to the world the real meaning of Christmas.

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"

The return of Griswold Family!

25000 bulbs on the front of the house blinding the neighbors, unbearable related family, a burning Christmas tree, a charred Christmas turkey, hostile neighbors, a removed Christmas bonus and a lot of unexpected accidents, this is the Christmas of the Griswold family.

I watched this movie for the first time in the late 80's and never have enough of it!

I even bought the DVD in order to have the opportunity to create a hysteric Christmas atmosphere any other day of the year!

"Surviving Christmas"

Tired of the customs associated with Christmas and New Year? What about being paid $250,000 to to celebrate a traditional Christmas Eve with an unknown person?

Enjoy watching these movies and have a very Merry Christmas!