Shopping Locally: Is It Better To Buy Local Or Online?

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In the market for a vacuum cleaner, ceiling fan, dust brush, or back scratcher? Can you save money by shopping locally? Is it to your benefit to buy online? Is that the best way? Let’s find out now.

This idea applies to almost any category of product.

Local retailers almost always suggest buying locally. Of course,Guest Posting this is in their self interest. But there really are advantages of buying locally.

You can usually save a few dollars buy shopping online. This initial savings becomes less attractive when you consider buying locally from someone you can actually see.

Here are the advantages of buying locally;

1) You can see what you are buying and will be able to tell if it’s really what you wanted.

2) You can usually try what you buy, or at least see it demonstrated in some way.

3) You can ask specific questions that you would not consider if the product were not in front of you.

4) If you need service, the local dealer is more likely to give you exceptional service, than an internet seller who has never met you.

5) You can visit the dealer if you have questions, and ask questions with the product in front of you as a point of reference.

6) There is no telephone tag when you visit a local dealer.

7) There are no shipping costs or delivery delays.

Most local business owners (and well trained employees) are very knowledgeable about their product categories. They are not just faceless online order takers.

And the best benefit you have with dealing with a local dealer is that they can show you the right product for your situation. This may save you a little money, or it may cost you a little more. But the product you get will be the one that fits your needs. You are not just buying from a clerk. You are getting advice from a trusted advisor.

And there are risk buying online that you won’t see when buying from a local business. Your local shop owner is easy to find. Your internet dealer may not be a dealer at all. The product you buy may be a "scratch & dent" model purchased for pennies on the dollar, buy the seller, to be resold for a slight savings to you. The internet dealer may actually not have a real brick and mortar business at all. They me be working out of a temporary office, or out of a PO Box. And a cell phone. You just can’t be sure.

You are also far less likely to be treated unfairly by a local retailer. Word gets around quickly when news is spread locally. Local business owners cannot afford the bad reviews. One bad opinion read in the newspaper could destroy a local business. Local businesses have more invested in keeping you happy.

And let us not forget. This works both ways. It may be to your advantage to shop locally. But it’s also to your advantage to shop locally if you own a local business. Every community keeps money in circulation by buying from each other.

Happy shopping.

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