Strider Bike - Teach Your Kids To Ride A Bike

Sep 26


Scott Towell

Scott Towell

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Do you remember your childhood days when your dad used to bring you to the park and teach you to ride a bike? You may probably do the same thing to your 2- year-old son old son as well. A father and son bike lesson is indeed one of the best ways to build a good relationship between them, especially for first-time dads. You also know how it feels like to have a fall and get some bruises while having your first bike ride. Just like what your dad used to feel, you may also don’t want your own son to get hurt because it hurts you even more to see him crying. However, the important thing is that you invested time in guiding your son during his first bike rides.

The good news is that you no longer have to worry much on the risks of getting your son hurt on his bike lessons with the help of the amazing Strider bike. This new type of bike is a perfect choice if you want to prioritize safety when your son learns balancing his first rides on a bike. It is otherwise known as a balance,Strider Bike - Teach Your Kids To Ride A Bike Articles walking, or running bike since it has no paddles and both of your son’s feet touch the ground. In this way, your son can feel secured and confident as he practices his balance skills.
Just take note that your son must not weigh more than 50 pounds, and his height should be less than 44 inches. This is to ensure that the Strider bike can maintain stability as your son rides it. The structure of the bike is made with durable metals and coated with fine and corrosion-resistant paint.
Another good thing about this bike is its puncture proof and Eva polymer tires. This type of tire can help you eliminate the problem and inconvenience with flat tires. The seat post is also designed to be adjustable with extra height so that your son can still use it as he reaches 4 years old. With regards to handlebars, the Strider bike also lets your son maneuver within the biking area. The handlebars are easy to turn and control so that your kid can easily adjust it.
Here are a few tips on how to teach your son how to ride the Strider bike comfortably and make it a fun experience for you and for your kid.
Before he actually starts learning make sure that the place you pick for him is a safe environment. Ideal place is where there isn't a lot of cross traffic, and there are no distractions. A place where you can go with your son, and you feel comfortable. Finding a place with pavement is probably the best choice. It has a nice smooth surface to learn on, and it's very easy to coast.
Make sure to lower the seat. It allows him when he is sitting on the bike his feet are flat on the ground. It will be more comfortable for him, and he will feel more relaxed.
When you found a safe environment, you want to get him just scoot along, so he is just going to feel what it's like to be on the bike. As he is getting more comfortable, and he is riding a little faster you just want to monitor him as he is scooting. 
Next, when he has gotten past scooting you want him to go a bit faster. You want him to get used to balance the bike. I'm not talking about a fast pace just a slow, comfortable smooth coast.
As he is coasting, you want to get him to pick up his feet. Ask him, "OK, I'm going to count to ten do you think you can coast with your feet up until the entire ten seconds?" Make it a fun experience.
The next thing you look for can he turn when coasting. Always thinking in small steps. Maybe a little bit of turning to the right and a little bit of turning to the left. As he is looking very comfortable and he is doing very well maybe you can set up some shapes and get him go around the shapes in different patterns.
Another thing you want to look for is as he is riding is he looking down the bike or is he looking ahead. You want him to look ahead, you want him to look where he is going. That's a good sign that he is very comfortable with the bike.
It is such a wonderful feeling to see your son learn his first bike ride while making sure that he will be okay. With the help of Strider bike, you can be sure that he will be prepared to learn the real biking skills soon. It does not guarantee that your son will never get hurt in his bike rides, but as long as you keep an eye on him, you can allow your son to enjoy his Strider bike.

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