The Benefits Of Having Wooden Furniture In The Patio

Nov 17


Oleg Oyfe

Oleg Oyfe

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Patio furniture made from wood is perhaps the most popular choice among home designers. Despite of the additional care required by this material, wooden furniture still stands an edge over other materials for its capability to be carved. Choosing wood for your patio furniture adds to the environmental atmosphere of this room.


Any homeowner would agree with me that they would rather choose wooden patio furniture over aluminum,The Benefits Of Having Wooden Furniture In The Patio Articles metal or chrome furniture.  Wood has captured the hearts of many designers since time immemorial.  Its ability to be molded into any shape required of it and its ability to stay strong in spite of the pressure inflicted on it is one of wood’s advantages.  Aside from that, wood is available in different forms and colors.  For furniture makers, it is a medium where he can put into reality all the designs that he has in mind.

The various types of wood for patio furniture

Having a characteristic color, wood such as redwood, mahogany, yew, ebony and rosewood is enchanting to work with.  These types of wood are capable of being manufactured to have extreme original outlines.

Other types of wood are now utilized for patio furniture. The interesting thing is that they are being combined with glass and metals for a more enhanced appeal.

Look at some modern patio furniture and you will see that the seats, backrests and armrests are all in wood but the frame is in metal.  You can also check on glass coffee tables on top of delicately carved wooden legs.  In fact, wood is not only used as a medium for patio furniture.  It has been mixed with other substances to create bolder and inventive shapes.

Teak wood for patio furniture 

With the various types of wood, teak wood is still the best material for patio furniture. Compared to wood, which has to bear harsh factors, teak can survive these unkind factors good-naturedly.
We know that furniture in the patio has to endure sunlight and with fitment made of teak, you are assured that it will not chip or break off during the summer months.

Why teak wood?

• It can defy water because of its silica content.  On the other hand, water putrefies and distends wood.
• It likewise resists fungus; thus, its appearance remains the same despite getting wet from the rain.
• It has an unusual rare wood component and is defiant to fire.
• The physical, biological and chemical firmness of teak makes it a superior option in the manufacture of patio furniture.  However, it is also one of the priciest kinds of hardwoods.

Taking care of wooden patio furniture

With wooden patio furniture, you need to implement some preventive steps in maintaining it regardless if it is teak that you have.

Furniture made of wood is the most expensive fitment you can have in the patio and for that matter must maintain its good looks for a long period.

• Wood furniture must be varnished or polished depending on what part of the globe you live. Varnishing wood will make it lustrous as well as protect it from expected elements. The rays of the sun damage the varnish on wood easily; hence, you need to polish your wood patio furniture as soon as it looks faded. By doing this, your fitment will always look fresh and new.
• Another thing you can do is to paint them. However, choose paint that resist heat, water and termites.  Painting your wood patio furniture frequently will create a new appearance to your patio.
• Additionally, you can protect your wood patio furniture by buying furniture covers.  These are made of artificial materials and are full-length so it can entirely coat your fitment.  They are accessible in normal sizes and in a variety of colors.  You can even have them specially made for your wood patio furniture. The goal here is to safeguard the wood from water and sunlight, which are the most vicious elements that destroy wood.

Lastly, the aesthetic look of wood certainly makes it the best option for patio furniture.  Even luxurious homes prefer wooden furniture because of the craftsmanship applied to it.  Properly maintained, you can even pass it on as a family heirloom.