The Education Triangle

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A short reflection on the state of education nowadays and what is lacking to make it work better very easily.

The biggest problem in education nowadays is that people don't see what it is really about. Education is a TRIANGLE. Education works only when all sides of the triangle are in contact. If you separate one side of the triangle from another,Guest Posting you end up with a bunch of lines that resemble NOTHING.

It is exactly the same in education. Parents have to communicate with schools that have to communicate with students who have to communicate back to their parents who have to communicate to their kids who have to communicate to the teachers who have to communicate to the parents who have to communicate... Do I need to carry on? I think you get it!

A lot of the time, your kids' education is like these 3 lines of the Education Triangle separated from one another. Your kids think the teacher sucks so they won't talk to him/her; they think YOU suck, so they don't talk to you either. In return, you don't know how to talk to your kids and you blame yourself or the school and no one wants to make the first move... And everybody stays stuck in the same shapeless, unproductive situation!

Parents, be the first, make that move to bring back the Education Triangle together! Relentlessly talk and ask and nag your rebellious teenagers, communicate with them, even if it seems like a monologue. In the long run, they'll thank you and they'll remember it in tough times. Be the first to contact the teacher, to see how things are going. Don't wait until the worst report card of the century shows up at home to send an irate email blaming the teachers. On the other hand, also send a friendly message to thank the teachers for the good work they are doing when your child is happy and doing well at school. You will always get as good as you give. And encourage your kids to communicate with their teachers!

Teachers, do the same! Make contact with parents on a regular basis, not just when there is something wrong. Send a few group emails saying how happy you are with that class and don't forget to tell the kids too.

Kids, don't assume you know everything and just go up to your teachers and ask what you need. Chat with them and get to know them. Don't crawl to get better grades, it won't work, but just be genuine with them and don't have any preconceptions from what your big brother told you.

Of course the Triangle is the start... It could really turn into a trapeze if you add the support of the school's administration, which is crucial. It's a very tough balance between supporting teachers and parents at the same time but it is feasible if the people in charge have enough integrity and believe in education. Education, of course, being what is best for the CHILDREN at all times. Not some children, but ALL children.

Let's try our best to work together at this. The future of the world is in education. Even if governments rarely make it a real priority, we, the people, still have a say and a duty to make it work. So, let's take action!

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