Top 7 Advantages of Wall Safes

May 15


MJ Marks

MJ Marks

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Wall safes are a great option for many homes, but is is right for you? Here are seven advantages to wall safes to help you decide when purchasing your next safe.

There are many different types of safes available on the market today. Some examples are floor safes,Top 7 Advantages of Wall Safes Articles gun safes, wall safes, deposit safes and fire safes. They all their advantages and are designed for specific purposes. Today lets take a look at wall safes and their top 7 advantages over other types of safes.

  1. Easy to conceal. Unlike large floor safes that scream, "I am here" and "Guess what is hidden inside?" a wall safe can be hidden behind numerous items. Things such as a picture, mirror, bookshelf, or small decoy type safes that mask as a wall outlet.

  2. Security. Being hidden, a wall safe has an obvious security advantage over other safes - people don't know where it is without spending time looking for it. The safes are also bolted to the wall, so it cannot easily be removed without accessing the bolts, and the bolts are hard to get at because the external flange gets in the way. Often, thief's like to be able to grab the safe and go, that way they can take their time opening the vault. But with wall safes this is very difficult, they must take the time to open on the premise, and a lot of time is something most thieves just don't have.

  3. Easy to Install. Though it may seem a bit intimidating, and obviously is easier to install when a house is being built, installing wall safes into an existing home is simple. Most are designed to fit between two wall studs, and come with a template. Just mark the wall according to the template, cut and install. Because of the external flange that rests on the outside of the wall, no finishing work is needed.

  4. Space saving. Lets face it, though manufactures try to make large floor safes more attractive, it is a large steel box that takes up a lot of space. Being able to hide a safe in the wall saves a lot of space.

  5. Easy to access. No bending over to open the combination, you can install the safe at any level that suits you best. Having a safe at eye level is simply easier to use.

  6. Hidden from children. A safe is a curiosity item for children. They wonder what is inside, they like to mess with the lock and play with the combination, and perhaps even talk with friends about the safe and what they have seen in it. Having a hidden safe removes a lot of these problems.

  7. Easy to deliver without the whole neighborhood knowing. If you get a large floor safe, it usually comes delivered in a special freight trucks with multiple delivery men. People in the neighborhood notice. If you are concerned about discretion, then wall safes are a great option, and not just because they can be hidden behind a picture. Because wall safes often weight less than 100 pounds, they are usually delivered by UPS, so no one knows what you are receiving.

If a majority of these advantages of wall safes appeal to you, then it may be the perfect option for your home. And remember, if you have a couple of long guns, you can get closet wall safes that are about 50" tall and will fit a few rifles.