Uses For Your Garden Studio

Mar 18


Graham JR Baylis

Graham JR Baylis

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If you are thinking that you need more room at home, then getting a garden studio could well be the answer, but what will you use yours for? There are many uses for garden studios, so let's have a look at what these might be and see if you can be inspired.


So you are thinking about getting a garden studio,Uses For Your Garden Studio Articles but what will you use yours for? There are many uses for garden studios, so let's have a look at what these might be and see if you can be inspired.

Home offices

The home office. Anyone who works from home will understand how important it is to have dedicated space to operate from. A room where you are not going to have to tidy everything away when you have guests staying or when another family member wants to use it as a study. Being out of the house, it should also be quieter, giving you a peaceful workspace to get on with running your business. Plus you have the added bonus of no commuting!

A gym at home

The home gym. People who want to work out without having to go to a public gym will be envious of one of these. Kitted out with the specific equipment you want to use, it can be as simple or state of the art as you want. The best thing of all is that you can use it when you want.

A Personal spa room

A sauna and spa. You could really go for some luxury and have your very own spa tub and a sauna. Just imagine how wonderful that would be, just go out whenever the fancy takes you.

Somewhere for the kids

A playroom. Families rarely have enough space in the home to dedicate a room specifically for the children to play in. A garden studio could be just the solution to give your children a place where they can play for hours and leave their toys and games where they are. For added safety, you can fit a webcam so that you can supervise from the comfort of your home.

All that jazz

A music or dance studio. For those who wish to practice playing their musical instruments, you could triple glaze and soundproof your studio to give you (and everyone else) the peace and confidence to play. For the lords and ladies of the dance, your studio can have special flooring, mirrors, bars and a superior sound system so that you can dance without disturbing the rest of the household.

A place to study A study or library. A place to study and revise for exams undisturbed or a quiet place to keep your computer would be a boon to anyone who requires a bit of tranquillity. Alternatively, the studio could become a library and reading room, perfect for anyone who loves books.

For the hobbyist

A hobby room. Suitable for just about any hobby, your garden studio could be just the place to build, store or enjoy your hobby. You can equip this room with whatever you need and be secure in the knowledge that this space is your own.

Dream on

Your garden studio can be the place of dreams, fitted and kitted with whatever you need to make it into the room of your requirements. So go ahead, start dreaming today, what will you do with yours?

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