What are the different PJ Masks toys available in the market?

Jan 4




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This Article discuss about What are the different PJ Masks toys available in the market?


All kids are fond of wearing trendy clothes and accessories which can make them look stylish and unique. They have an excellent dressing sense and want to idolise their cartoon characters or figures. They get drawn towards all these fictional characters because they love watching them on screen and enjoy the show with their friends and families. Children have a habit of behaving like their parents and cartoon characters. Hence,What are the different PJ Masks toys available in the market? Articles they must set a good example.

PJ Masks is a kid’s cartoon featuring three characters who are six years old, namely Amaya, Connor, and Greg. They are neighbours and friends who go to school together. But at night then turn into Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, and create a little crime-fighting team with superhero powers. Each episode follows a short story where they solve problems, fight crime, and have fun, but there is always a moral lesson to learn.

First is the fantastic Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket with a Gekko figure and space rover vehicle. The vehicle cleverly sits inside the secret door hidden from view while the rocket is flying. With lots of flashing lights on its wings and a variety of sounds, the trio can solve all sorts of space crime, with space for all three in the cockpit! There is a well-placed and well-disguised handle on the top so that kids can fly the rocket around the room, and flip-down legs for it to balance.

Next is the Mission Control HQ Playset, which works cleverly and fits together. It has multiple levels and lots of moving parts. These PJ Masks toys are ideal to act out the favourite episode plots. There is a Romeo, and Catboy figure included with this set. But children can also purchase a huge character set including bad guys like the three purple Ninjalinos, who pile on top of each other. The figures are available with little accessories too, which helps the kids get into character when playing.

Another superhero that most kids love is Superman. Mattel acquired the licence to produce the Superman action figure and introduced a new generation to their toy line. Besides offering a wide assortment of smaller 4-inch figures, they made several sizes of larger action figures, like 10 inches, 11 inches, and 14 inches. They even introduced a 30-inch figure of Superman, which started a unique trend in action figure collecting.

Also, Mattel made 12-inch Ultimate Powers Superman toys like the 10 inches and 14 inches action figures. It plays one of the 26 different sounds when children press the chest emblem, more like a “Talking Superman,” with a plastic cape and a red button. It manufactured many of these in 2006 and 2007, which attracted lots of children and marked a new toy collection. After all, who does not love toys? Every child gains inspiration from whatever they watch and enact similar actions. Learning and observing are the core areas of their development.