What is a burp cloth?

Jul 8


Sue Edmondson

Sue Edmondson

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Because burping can cause vomiting in babies a burp cloth is used to protect the adult's clothing.

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Babies are particularly subject to accumulation of gas in the stomach while feeding, and this can cause considerable discomfort to the baby unless it is burped. The act of burping a baby involves placing the baby in a position to encourage the gas to discharge (for example holding the baby up to the adult's shoulder,What is a burp cloth? Articles with the baby’s stomach resting on the adult's chest) and then lightly patting it on the lower back so that he or she burps.


Because burping can cause vomiting in babies, the burp cloth or muslin square is sometimes placed on the shoulder to protect the adult's clothing.


Pregnant women in the UK are often given a list of items that they should take with them when they go into hospital to have their baby, muslin cloths are just one of the items included in this list.  Muslin cloths are used to when burping a baby to catch any vomit that is produced. Although muslin cloths are widely used in the UK, they are not as efficient or as attractive as burp cloths.


Burp cloths come in various shapes and sizes, the most popular fabric used is waffle weave or terry towelling as these fabrics offer greater absorbency than any other type of fabric.  Burp cloths are also available for special occasions such as christenings, these burp cloths would be decorated with lace and personalised with the baby’s name.


Burp cloths are widely used in the USA and have only recently started appearing in the UK, traditional these burp cloths were hand sewn by friends and family members and given to the expectant mother during a baby shower.

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