Tips on building a website and getting your Lulu storefront indexed by search engines

Jul 17


Sue Edmondson

Sue Edmondson

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Help Google index your website and your Lulu storefront (if you own one)

Build your own website or have someone bulid one for you

Include a a link to your Lulu storefront

If you add your email address to your website make sure you hide it in some way so

that spammers can not harvest it from your source code, Tips on building a website and getting your Lulu storefront indexed by search engines Articles one of the ways to

achieve this is to encode the email address.


The link you create allows people to email you, however your email address does not appear in the source code.

For those who do not know what the source code is:

When viewing a web site click on the View button at the top of your navigation bar

and scroll down to where it says "Page Source" this is where you can view a websites

source code and this is how spammers harvest email addresses, they have software

that scourers the internet looking at source codes for email addresses.

Make sure your main page loads quickly and has plenty of relevant text, as Google

and other search engines are interested in information and are not as interested in


Meta Tags - there are several Meta Tags but here I will deal with those I

consider more important and those that many new website builders fail to fill in

correctly. You can view any websites meta tags by view the pages source code.

Title Tag: The title of your web page

Suggestion: Keep your title short but relevant

Description Tag: A short, plain language description of the web site, usually

20-25 words or less. Search engines that support this tag use the information to

publish on their search results pages, normally this tag can be found below the Title

of your site. This tag is particularly important if your document has very little text, is a

frameset, or has extensive scripts at the top.

Suggestion: Make your meta description as interesting as you can, because your

description is often the difference between your website listing getting clicked

(in search results) or that of your competitor's.

Keywords Tag: Keywords are used by some search engines to index your

website in addition to words from the title tag. One of the main meta tags, along with

the description tag used to properly index your website by search engines that

support the tags.

Suggestion: Use with caution. Make sure to only use keywords that are relevant to

your website. Search engines are known to penalise or blacklist your website for over use etc.

Make sure you sign up for a Google Account

Once you have a google account you can use Google Webmaster Tools and add a sitemap (Create a text file that contains all the urls you want google to index and save it as sitemap.txt ) which help Google find it's way around your site.

With Google Webmaster Tools you will know how many back links you have, the more

back links you have the better chance you have of people finding you when they

perform a search which is relevant to your site.

This super tool will also give you details of search terms used and where you appeared

in the search results this will help you tweak any areas of your site that

fail to perform as well as you hoped for.

For example if the search query reveals people were searching for a term that had been misplet then you might want to include that term in your keywords.

Join a forum relevant to your subject and make sure you add a signature to your

profile with a link to your website and your Lulu storefront, (link to your website and

storefront using a keyword that is relevant to both your website and your Lulu storefront contents)

then when search engines trawl the forum they will pick up

your website and Lulu storefront url, the more relevant the post is to that

signature the more likely it is to be indexed.

For anyone interested in Google back links see these posts: on TIP - UK Based SEO Forum

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