What Role Does Child Custody Have In Divorce?

Apr 27




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Dental article "What Role Does Child Custody Have In Divorce?"

When a couple with a family is considering a divorce,What Role Does Child Custody Have In Divorce? Articles custody is a crucial point that has to be dealt with. There are some factors that have to be well-thought-out when kids are involved.Some of the factors that will be taken into consideration are:

* The children's ages, physical and mental health

* The mental and physical health of the parents

* Lifestyle of the parents

* History of abuse

* At a certain age, (around 12) the preference of the child

* Education quality at the time

* Ability to provide for the child or children

When determining these factors, the court will check to make sure that one parent is not favored over the other.The court will try to focus on which parent is able take care of, or provide for the children. Which one can create a safe environment and will allow a better relationship with the other parent.Custody of younger children may be given to the parent that has been the child's caregiver. Older children may be able to decision.

There are a few different forms of custody when getting a divorce, some include:

Joint custody -- is the arrangement where both parents will share the physical custody of the child or children involved.

Split custody -- is when one parent will have full time custody of some of the children, and the other parent will have full custody of the others.

Alternating custody -- the child or children will live for a period of time with either of the parents, and then with the other parent for a similar period of time.

Third party custody -- the child or children will not be with either parent, but instead they will be with a third party individual.

Birds nest custody -- this is when the child or children move from one residence to the other.They will live alternately with both parents.

After a divorce, if a parent has been given physical custody the child or children will live with that parent full time.During a divorce, the court will often award custody to a mother this may be what happens more often when the child or children are real young (around five years of age). Many divorcing parents agree that the mother is the parent that should have custody of the children.

During a divorce, you many wonder who it is that determine how visitation is set up fairly? The court will award physical custody of the kids to one parent and then make a reasonable visitation for the other parent. When parents cooperate with one another, to ensure that the children are able to devote a good amount of time with either parents.This is sometimes not the case, and there are times when the noncustodial parent will get a little time with the child or children. Divorce and custody laws, and agreements between parents can run smoothly, or it can get ugly, making the courts make the choices as to what is best for the children involved.