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Porch swings are commonly made of wood. But wicker swings have a lot to offer, and can be a great option for many people.

I remember as a teenager we lived in Italy where my Dad was stationed at an Air Force base,Guest Posting and one of the places where the Americans liked to go to for a good deal was a wicker factory. I thought wicker was neat, but didn't really give it much thought. But my Mom has been talking about wicker lately because she really likes it and is looking for some furniture for her covered porch, particularly she is looking at porch swings.

In actuality, wicker is more the weaving process than the material, and is most often used in the making of baskets and furniture. At one time, wicker was only made out of plant material, with rattan (palm plants originating in the tropics of Africa and Asia) being one of the oldest materials used. Other popular natural materials include willow switches, reed and bamboo. These more pliant materials are used to fill in a frame made of a larger, stiffer material. Wicker as been around for thousands of years with documented use of furniture discovered in ancient Egypt, and wicker baskets being found as far back as Pompeii.

Today rattan is used for almost all natural wicker porch swings and other types of furniture. Many people really like wicker for outdoor furniture or indoor furniture used in a solarium or sun room.

Natural wicker is best kept indoors or under a covered patio. When it is kept outdoors, the weather can really wreak havoc on it. Though the actual rattan is solid, the natural frame material is porous, so it will absorb moisture and slowly deteriorate. Wicker used indoors will last a long time, it is durable, comfortable and very attractive, giving a room a light and tropical outdoor feeling.

The other option is synthetic wicker. This is usually made out of paper wrapped high tensile wire, or for outdoor use, plastic, vinyl or resin. When you hear the phrase, "outdoor wicker", it is almost always synthetic. Outdoor wicker furniture usually uses aluminum frames (colored to match the furniture) that do not deteriorate that is then woven with resin or vinyl. To someone familiar with natural wicker, there is an obvious difference between natural and synthetic wicker, but from a distance there is not much difference.

Porch swings made out of wicker really gives a porch a nice feeling. Wicker is light and sturdy, but also very strong. Wicker can be woven in different styles, just like wood, to allow for a variety of tastes. Many wicker porch swings and other types of furniture come with cushions. This allows for a wide range fabrics, you can match other pieces of furniture, and you can change the look and feel of the wicker by simply changing the cushion. Wicker also comes in different colors, from natural browns to  whites, blues, greens etc.

If you have been looking at porch swings lately, but are not sure if you want to go with traditional wood, then wicker could be a great alternative for you.

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