5 Ways that Wicker Can Help You Sell Taffy

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Wicker and saltwater taffy just seem to go together.  Here are some ways you can use this delightful partnership to sell some of that good taffy to your customers.

5 Ways that Wicker Can Help You Sell Taffy

Summer and wicker go together. Think of a picnic lunch by the lakeside,Guest Posting the white wicker chairs on a deck, a rattan hammock in the backyard. You can capitalize on the association between wicker and summer by displaying your saltwater taffy, a traditional summer treat, in wicker baskets.

Wicker baskets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and display arrangements. They're sturdy, reusable, and an environmentally friendly way to display merchandise. Since both wicker and taffy are symbols of American summer vacation, use that association in people's minds to create a candy display that will get your customers talking … and buying!

These wicker baskets are perfect for your saltwater taffy display, and are available today from Candy Concepts.

  • Five-Tier Wicker Basket Display. This wicker taffy display includes five removable wicker baskets hanging securely inside a silver metal frame. They're easy to remove for cleaning and restocking, or just to reorganize in a more eye-catching arrangement.

  • Three-Tier Rectangular Wicker Display. These three large wicker baskets are wide and deep enough to hold as much taffy as your customers could hope for. They are displayed in a black tube frame, and sign holders tell your customers what kinds of taffy you're selling.

  • Two Basket Wicker Display. This is a lovely addition to any shelf or countertop. Two, or even more, beautiful wicker baskets are stacked on a black tube frame, which makes the freestanding wicker display easy to move from location to location. Clip-on sign holders help identify the contents of the wicker baskets.

  • Three Oval Wicker Display Basket. This beautiful wicker fixture includes three staggered oval wicker baskets. They have a large capacity to hold taffy or other candies, and look elegant and sturdy in a eavy black tube frame. They even come with clip-on sign holders so that you can identify the exact flavors of the taffy in the baskets.

  • Double Sided Mobile Wicker Basket Display. This ideal taffy display tool comes withtwo wide wicker baskets, one for each side of the frame. The frame itself is a heavy rectangular black structure on casters, which make it possible to move the taffy display wherever you think it works best in your store.

Wicker baskets are a natural way to display your selection of saltwater taffy. Choose from among our many wicker basket stands, wicker floor racks, and wicker counter displays.

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