5 Ways to Discover Wicker as a Taffy Display

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5 Ways to Discover Wicker as a Taffy Display

What is it about wicker and beaches? They seem to go together: picnic lunches by the water,Guest Posting white wicker furniture at the family lake house, a rattan hammock between two palm trees. Consider capitalizing on the association between wicker and beaches by discovering wicker as a display for saltwater taffy.

Wicker baskets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They're sturdy, reusable, and an environmentally friendly way to display merchandise. Saltwater taffy is a candy found at many vacation spots around the country, and is associated with in most Americans' minds with Atlantic City and other coastal towns and resorts. Since both wicker and taffy are symbols of American summer vacation, use that association to create a wicker taffy display that will persuade your customers to indulge their sweet cravings.

Consider these wicker baskets for your saltwater taffy display.

  • 9-basket displays. These neat and natural wicker displays can hang on poles or racks as three sets of three stacked wicker baskets each, or they can be hung on slatwalls to display your taffy. Nine is an excellent number for this kind of taffy display because it allows you to display several brightly colored flavors at once, not overwhelming the customer with taffy choices.

  • Double-sided wicker displays. These wicker display baskets consist of three staggered baskets resting in heavy black frames. The whole display is on casters, and the result is a wicker taffy display that maximizes your store's display space. It can be moved wherever you need it, and you can have up to six wicker baskets teeming with taffy, ready to attract your customers' attention.

  • Wicker basket carts. These wicker basket carts consist of one large moveable basket. It's an unconventional choice for displaying taffy, but if it's filled to the brim and rolled into a high-traffic location, your customers won't be able to resist the cornucopia-like feel of this wicker taffy display.

  • 4-basket displays. These displays can be structured in three different ways, making them ideal for your changing needs. You can display your taffy horizonatally, hanging the four baskets side by side; vertically, displaying your taffy one basket on top of the other; or in a square, gathering colors and flavors of taffy close together in this wicker taffy display.

  • Countertop wicker taffy displays. There are several choices for these handy, small wicker baskets. You can get small round ones, stacked rectangles, or wicker trays to fill to overlfowing with your displays of taffy. Countertops are the perfect place for wicker taffy display baskets, because most customers won't hesitate to add one, two, or half a dozen pieces of saltwater taffy to their purchase.

Wicker baskets are a natural way to display saltwater taffy, especially when you pair them withfloor racks, counter displays, and basket stands. When you're looking for ways to bring in summertime customers, it will pay to discover wicker as a taffy display.

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