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Every business and individual in Washington depends on insurance. Whether it is home,Guest Posting auto, life or health, insurance plays a very important role in modern day life. This is a brief WA consumer guide to ins.Automobile coverage is a legal requirement in the state of Washington. State laws dictate that every motorist has to provide proof of financial responsibility. There are various coverage options to choose from. These include basic liability, physical damage and comprehensive coverage.Here, premiums are based on several factors. These include type of vehicle, age, sex and the area of residence. It is important to get quotations from several companies as rates may vary considerably across insurers.Other insurance covers such as health and home may not be mandatory under state law. They are however essential because they insulate one from financial loss in case of disaster. You should check from the relevant authorities to become acquainted with the various laws covering these insurance covers.Insurance policies are mostly sold directly through a company or via an agent. Consumers using agents are advised to ensure that all terms and conditions of the policy are explained to them before making a decision. The agent should also renew the policy when it becomes necessary and offer assistance to the consumer as well.Companies usually check the credit history of an individual who is buying a policy from them. The use of such information is however regulated by state laws. Insurers are forbidden from using the information in a discriminatory/unfair way. Consumers also have the right to review the credit report for accuracy.If one has any problems with their insurance, they are advised to first check with their agent or insurer. If satisfactory answers are not provided, one can contact the state authorities for further assistance. Here, you can also get an exhaustive WA consumer guide to ins to help you when shopping for coverage in future.

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