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We will also let them know that funds have been set aside for the transaction once that property goes under contract. So we will help encourage them to accept the offer so that you can move forward. Again there is no cost of the approval funds. You can download as many as you want as many times a day and this will help you get more accepted offers. This is a tool that every real estate investor needs to know about and needs to use.

Welcome to real estate investing. Today,Guest Posting we are brought to you by Private Money Lenders Arizona. My name is Ryan Wright and I am glad that you have joined me. Today I want to talk about one of the problems that is faced by every real estate investor, which is solidifying your offer or making your offer look very best to any potential seller. Whether that is an institution or just a homeowner or an occupied owner that is looking to get rid of their property and to let them know that you have the financial backing to take down the property. So they can get rid of this problem and they will know for certain that the deal is going to happen.

The way you can do this, is by getting approval funds. Now our friends at Private Money Lenders Arizona have revolutionized this by you being able to download approval funds 24 hours a day seven days a week any time anywhere by going to the Internet Private Money Lenders Arizona. Basically, we do not look towards the borrower, if they loan the money. The only condition they have for borrowers is that the borrower does not have any collections.

As long as borrower does not have any collections, Private Money Lenders Arizona will fund on the property as long as it meets their criteria for area and price ranges and every thing else. Now what they are looking from borrowers is that when they are making an offer you want to go to Private Money Lenders Arizona and download approval funds. This approval funds is instantaneous. You will be able to put the subject property address as well as the price you are willing to pay.

Now my recommendation is that when you are generating approval funds that you generate that approval funds for exact dollar amount what your offer is. So when you are making that offer for 100,000 or 103,000, you want to generate the approval funds for exactly 103,000. Some people say you should offer approval funds for $5000 more. I believe that just opens yourself up to negotiations where there is going to be lot more money. I think it is the best way to get approval funds for the exact amount that you made your offer for.

Now if they come back later and give you a counter offer and you are willing to accept that you can always go to Private Money Lenders Arizona and instantaneously generate another approval funds for that higher amount. But I think when a bank or seller is looking at it and they have a property they want to get rid of, if they are thinking may be I should counter them and they look at the approval funds and they see approval funds are the exact amount of the offer, they may question and say can this guy really go up on the value? And may be they can and may be they cannot but when we should just get rid of this and not take the chance that they cannot go any higher.

Now with approval funds are generated automatically on the website and some people wonder; well do I need to contact Private Money Lenders Arizona to get pre-approved and the answer is no. There is no pre-approval required as long as you do not have judgments and as long as your property matches the criterias outlined on the website, you can download approval funds. Now every time you download approval funds, it goes right into the computer system of Private Money Lenders Arizona. So if a banker or seller contacts us, the Portfolio Manger can look up by your name or by the property address and can see that approval funds was downloaded, can verify the amount and not only will they do that they will also encourage the seller to accept the offer. They will let them know that the approval fund is subject to us being able to do a full evaluation of the property and that can only be accomplished once the property is under contract. So we will encourage them to accept the offer, so the property can go under contract, so full evaluation can be done and so that funding can be accomplished.

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