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Finding the right real estate agent can significantly decrease your stress levels. Take responsibility by seeking advice from people you like and feel you can trust. Because when it comes to buying or refinancing a home, it is your house and your mortgage and no one is going to care about it more than you.

In this article I am going to give you some tips about what to look for in a real estate agent and how to find one to work with. Buying a new house can be stressful. Finding the right real estate agent can significantly decrease your stress levels.

You may be wondering what qualifies me to speak with authority about finding a real estate agent. I don't blame you and I would ask the same question.

Here is the answer. For more than 28 years,Guest Posting my husband and I have helped people buy homes. Since I left off being a kid, residential real estate and mortgage financing have occupied my life. I was a licensed real estate agent in the first part of my career and the owner of a mortgage company the last part of my career.

Most people will buy one home, maybe two. Some might be involved in buying a third home at some point in their lives. In most cases you are going need the services of a qualified real estate agent. And yes, choosing a good real estate agent is crucial.

Instead of listing warnings, do's and don'ts, allow me to share how I interview and choose a real estate agent.

First I look for someone I like. Buying a house can be difficult and exhausting at times so why complicate it by employing a real estate broker you don't feel comfortable with.

It is a shame how many home buyers I observe working with agents who are not matched well to them. The dissatisfaction is discussed for weeks, months and sometimes years after moving into a home.

I believe that buying a home should be fun and exciting. After all it will probably be the most significant and most expensive purchase that you are ever going to make. So why not work with someone that you feel comfortable with since you are likely to be in contact with them on a daily or weekly basis for several months.

Second I am looking for an agent who has my best interests in mind. But how do I know if a real estate broker is truly interested in my personal well being and not simply concerned with making the sale? There are several indications.

Does this agent listen to me? If your agent doesn't directly address your concerns and questions, this may not be the real estate agent for you.

Does your prospective real estate representative talk first and ask questions later? This is another indication of whether your best interests have been kept in mind. A great real estate agent asks more questions to let you do the talking.

A thorough agent will always ask you a lot of questions before ever offering to take you out to view houses. You see, a real estate agent is a valuable asset and they know that your time as well as theirs is valuable too. So they are not going to waste your time showing you houses that you can't afford or don't fit your circumstances.

Even though it can feel a little uncomfortable, anticipate a trained agent inquiring into your finances. This is the type of real estate agent I look for.

Some real estate brokers tend to be advice givers. A good agent doesn't give advice but instead presents options. Your agent should be solution oriented by presenting you with choices that allow you to select what you feel is best for your particular circumstances. So look for real estate agents who are solution oriented instead of those that always tell you what you should do. Above all never feel rushed to make a decision.

One thing I always respect when I work with agents is when they tell me they don't know the answer to a question. No matter how experienced a agent, no one has all the answers. So when I ask a question and I hear the words "I don't know" followed by "but I will find out" it is refreshing. I don't care whether my agent has all the answers. That is why I rarely decide on a broker based on age or even experience. I want an agent who will hustle, who will go the extra mile to find out what I want to know.

An important part of every real estate transaction is, of course, money. Although a real estate agent isn't qualified to approve you for a mortgage, it is still important to be asked about your financial ability such as how much money you have saved for down payment and closing costs.

Agents worth their salt know that at the heart of every real estate transaction is obtaining a mortgage. As a prospective buyer, it is also in your own best interest to know approximately what it will cost you to purchase a house before you shop for one.

A good agent can help you with this too or you can simply contact a licensed mortgage broker who can prepare a Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs. If you trust your real estate agent, he or she can recommend two or three mortgage lenders for you to interview so you can compare Good Faith Estimates. It is critical that you know what costs to expect before you shop for a house and especially before you make an offer.

Lastly, remember that buying a house is your decision. Take responsibility for your decision by seeking advice from people you like and feel can trust.

I often say when it comes to buying or refinancing a home, it is your house and your mortgage, no one is going to care about it more than you.

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