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The credit crunch is affecting many people in all walks of life. As such they are looking to reduce their expenditure any way they can. However,Guest Posting not having a valid and current motor insurance is an offence in the UK.

Any vehicles which drive on public highways and in public places need to have a minimum level of motor insurance. This is Third Party Only cover.

Those who have multiple vehicles can be offered huge savings by having fleet insurance cover. Fleet insurance is a great way to save money on insurance premiums on all different types of vehicles.

Ÿ         All sizes of company cars can be included on a fleet insurance policy. The smaller the engine size the lower the premiums will be. High performance cars can also benefit from being included on a fleet policy.

Ÿ         Courier services will benefit from fleet insurance. A mixed fleet policy provides cover for all types of courier vehicles, including vans, cars and motorbikes.

Ÿ         Hauliers with small or large fleets of heavy goods vehicles, HGV, can make massive savings by having the entire fleet covered under a single policy.

Ÿ         Owners of private vehicle collections are also able to take advantage of fleet insurance.

Ÿ         Mixed fleet insurance combines covers all different types of vehicles, lorries, car, vans and even agricultural vehicles which use public highways.

Ÿ         Personal cars can also be included on a company’s mixed fleet policy.

Ÿ         Commercial vehicles can be offered fleet cover.

Ÿ         Fleets of public and private hire vehicles such as taxis, minicabs, MPVs, buses and coaches will also be able to make huge savings by having all vehicles covered under one policy.

Ÿ         Large families living at the same address are also able to apply for fleet insurance with some insurance companies.

Fleet insurance is an effective way to manage business or personal vehicles. All insurance companies have a minimum number of vehicles restrictions before they are able to offer fleet insurance. This is usually four or five vehicles.

However, anyone with more than two vehicles should check to see whether fleet insurance is a viable option for them by speaking to different insurance companies or online brokers.

Insurances companies who offer and specialise in fleet insurance will be able to suggest and recommended various ways to help reduce the premiums.

Ÿ         Many will have restrictions on the age of the drivers. Younger drivers are considered to be a higher risk and therefore insurance premiums are typically higher. Some insurers also have upper age limits for similar reasons. Although age discrimination is illegal in the UK young and older drivers can have a huge impact on the cost of insurance.

Ÿ         Vehicles which are fitted with alarms and tracking devices are looked on favourably by insurance companies. In fact many insurance companies are requesting these be fitted in commercial vehicles as part of the terms and conditions of their insurances.

Ÿ         Keeping fleets in secure compounds and garages when not in use may also help lower the insurance premiums.

There are many options available for fleet insurance. The best route to take is to discuss personal and business needs with insurance companies’ consultants.

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