How To Buy A House - 9 Important Ways To Score A Home While Previewing

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Avoid a big mistake the next time you are buying a house. Relying alone on your gut feeling can often be misleading. Learn how to prepare a home buyer checklist and keep your search for the perfect house on track.

Here's a tip for anyone buying a house. A big mistake shoppers make when previewing homes is not using a home buyer checklist.

Everybody knows that buying a house is an emotional decision and why shouldn't it be? Experienced and first time home buyers alike can feel both elated and discouraged during the home buying process.

Admittedly,Guest Posting one day a home buyer may feel depressed and anxious wondering if they will ever find the right house, at the right price, in the right location.

Another day they may suddenly feel exhilarated discovering the house of their dreams and make a sudden decision without adequately inspecting their future home.

Because buying a house can certainly be emotional it is important that a buyer be armed with a practical checklist. Making decisions based on intuition alone can cause a buyer to stray off course. After all, being prepared before you preview all homes with your Realtor will help keep your search for the perfect house on track.

Have you considered what an inspection checklist should cover?

Begin your home buyer checklist by writing down the minimum requirements you expect in a new home. You can also add some of the wish list items you would like to have but are not absolute necessities.

After listing your basic necessities and your wish list items, ask yourself the following questions. By asking these questions you can more easily zero in on whether a certain house meets your expectations.

1. Which obvious items require repair or even expensive updating? The real estate agent is expecting to review your home buyer checklist with you.

2. Is this house adequate now as well as in the future? For example, if you are planning on having children will there be enough space. Another example could be a parent or family member living with you in the future. Try to anticipate your future needs.

3. Are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms sufficient? Be sure you think about other uses for bedrooms such as a home office. If you intend to start a home based business or your employer allows you to work from home you may need that extra bedroom.

4. Is this house structurally sound? Watch for indications that a house may have structural issues. Examples may be cracks in walls, ceilings or foundations. It is recommended for every home buyer to shop safe and buy smart by hiring a home inspector.

5. Are the plumbing, heating and electrical systems in working order? As you walk through each house take note of any signs of leaky faucets, plumbing leaks under sinks or in laundry facilities. Turn on overhead lights and try plugging in a small appliance. Depending on the climate, the furnace and/or air conditioning unit should be examined.

6. Inquire whether washers, dryers and refrigerators will stay with the house and if they are still covered under a warranty.

7. Is the yard big enough? Or perhaps you prefer no yard at all? Expansive or diminutive, just make sure the size suits you.

8. Will your current furniture fit in the new space? If you are consolidating to a smaller home, will you need to pay for a storage unit or sell belongings on eBay? If the rooms are larger, you may have additional expenses in order to furnish them adequately. Jot down your thoughts.

9. Will there be enough storage space? Count the number of cabinets, closets and other areas such as beneath staircases or basements. Also be sure to discuss lack of storage and how you will manage if you buy this home.

Always bring along these three things, a tape measure, flash light, and note pad.

For ease of comparison, keep an individual home buyer checklist for each house you walk through and create a method to score each item on the list. You may give certain items higher values than others or you can give them all an equal value. Regardless, be consistent so that after you have visited several houses you can go back and analyze the scores.

Don't forget while you are in the process of buying a house to review the home buyer checklist with your Realtor.

Clearly this article has detailed how to avoid a big mistake home buyers make when previewing houses by being prepared with a valuable checklist. Put simply you will accomplish two things. First your Realtor can suggest possible solutions to your concerns. Second your agent will better understand what you are looking for and show you properties that may be more to your liking.

Take your time when buying a house to shop around for the best housing fit.

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