Mass Appraisal Means Massive Errors - Which are the Most Over-Taxed Houses in Zip Code 77562

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Appraisal districts use a process called mass appraisal to value hundreds of thousands of houses. In Harris County, they value about 1.2 million houses each year, using a very limited staff.

In many cases,Guest Posting the computer-generated estimate of market value is within 10% of the true value.  However, in about half the cases the value set by the appraisal district is either 10% high or low, because of defects in the mass appraisal process.  This applies to Harris County Appraisal District and most other appraisal districts.


We believe about 30,000 homes in Harris County over-taxed by 50% or more in 2014.  And about 5,000 homes in Harris County over-taxed by 100% or more.  Between 200,000 and 300,000 Harris County taxes are over-taxed by at least 10%.


While this may seem incredible, it is due to the errors in appraisal district property records, inaccurate data regarding cost, depreciation and comparable sales.  Further, most property owners have limited knowledge about the appeal process and believe myths about appealing property taxes.  They do not understand the HCAD jargon of grade, CDU, level of remodel, land lines, etc.  Compounding the problem is a reluctance to revise HCAD records.  If an HCAD appraiser agrees a property is over-taxed, he will change the value.  However, to correct fields of data such as grade, condition or land value is highly unusual.  So the same problems occur from year to year, frustrating home owners and causing HCAD a consistently high appeal value.  If Harris County Appraisal District would make updating the records part of the appraisal process, it would reduce the number of annual protests.


 Since HCAD targets 100% of market value for their homes, half of all houses are over-taxed and half are under-taxedThe result is there are at least 200,000 houses in Harris County over-taxed by at least 10%.  Following is a list of some of the most egregious examples of homes over-valued Zip Code 77562.  If you recognize the address, please call the owner and make sure they protest.


Property Zip Code

Property Address

Assessment Ratio

2014 Market Value

Gross Sale Price

Owner Name


107 Sue Ln




Brennan Lisa L



515 W Houston St




Garza Andres G & Maria S



209 N 7th St




Harrelson Deborah



8510 Sunflower St




Housing & Urban Development



327 Brompton Ct




Walmsley Christopher



318 Welford Ln




Sanders Rebecca A



Since the property taxes are paid by the mortgage company for most home owners, the pain point for the home owner is about one year too late.  When they receive the notice their monthly payment is increasing by $100 or $200 or more per month, the appeal deadline has likely passed.  The property tax appeal deadline in Texas is May 31, or the following workday if May 31 is on a weekend. 

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