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Mount Washington (or “Mt. Washington”),Guest Posting a neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles, has been making headlines recently as a magnet for investors looking to profit from the area’s offbeat, rustic, progressive lifestyle. Mt. Washington real estate is a hot investment and has been for years. Not only for successful families and professionals looking for digs close to downtown LA with a Topanga Canyon feel, but also for house flippers.

Mount Washington is a unique, rural community that resides in the hills of Northeast Los Angeles. With truly spectacular views of Downtown Los Angeles, residents of Mount Washington enjoy homes of distinct architecture with Mother Nature roosting on their doorstep. This mountainous terrain is filled with a plethora of parks that residents of all walks of life do enjoy.

In early 2016, homes in Mt. Washington jumped in cost and value by more than 20%. The median home price in the 90065 zip code is $710,000. The wide range of house styles, its close proximity to Los Angeles, Pasadena and Hollywood and it’s excellent school isn’t the only reason for its surging popularity. Mount Washington is a great place for families and couples who appreciate the outdoors and recreation.

Miles of hiking trails are available, as well as places to enjoy the scenery and picnic, play basketball, bird watch and even view the wildlife that Mt. Washington is known for. Bobcats, coyotes, owls, skunks and more are frequently seen in the parks and recreation areas as well as in and around the hillside properties.

Recreation and parks add to the allure - and to the value - of neighborhoods like Mt. Washington and this particular neighborhood for its size has plenty of such space. For those seeking homes for sale in Mount Washington, here is a complete list of parks and park-like places to enjoy.

Heidelberg ParkSan Rafael Ave.

This is the second largest natural park under control of the Mount Washington Conservancy. The slopes and trails are steep and theunique terrain is perfect for the rare California black walnut woodlands. This land houses over 100 species of birds and is an endangered ecological community.

Moon Canyon Park911 N Museum Dr.

Moon Canyon Park is a 4.5-acre lot next door to Heidelberg Park. Moon Canyon’s short trails are popular amongst dog walkers, joggers and nature lovers. The trails flourish with greenery and the hillside is an idyllic spot for picnics. This un-staffed park is home to wildlife including: coyotes, skunks, raccoons and various birds.

Cleland Secret Park4788-4798 Cleland Ave.

Cleland Secret Park is a tranquil small park with lush grass that is popular for picnics, playing fetch, or throwingFrisbees. It is located in the middle of a neighborhood with large trees to provide ample shade. There is no parking lot, but plenty of available spots out on the street.

Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center511 W. Ave. 46

The Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center includes an auditorium, an outdoor lit-up basketball court, a children’s jungle gym and a picnic area. This two-acre center sits on a piece of land donated to the city in 1929 by the developer, Carlin G. Smith. Over time it became neglected and run down, but in 1970 a group of Mount Washington residents restored the center to what it is today.

Greayer’s Oak ParkN. Figueroa & Marmion Way

Greayer’s Oak is a street-side pocket park that is unstaffed, unlocked and open as long as the sun is out. This maintained park sports a well kempt lawn and mature trees to enjoy the sun or the shade. The park is located near the main roadway and a bus stop, making it accessible to many people.

Cleland Ave Bicentennial Park4800 Cleland Ave.

Cleland Ave Bicentennial is a fenced park and a top favorite amongst many Mt. Washington native children. The newly restored playground is the source of laughter and adventure for kids. A large grass field is perfect for canines and the ample large trees provide shade options for book reading, picnics, or catching up with friends.

Elyria Canyon Park1550 Bridgeport Dr.

This 35-acre nature park is located in southwestern Mount Washington and is one of the largest pieces of native habitat that still exist today. Fragrant flowers, shady trees and a mixture of wildlife populate the park. There are a variety of trails that are ideal for jogging, hiking and walking dogs.

Jessica TriangleJessica Dr.

This unique “park” is a tiny lot dedicated to drought tolerant, native plants and trees. In 2007 the City slated this land for demolition to aid a sewer line project. However, the Department of Public Works fought and declared the piece an official patch of real estate.

Self Realization Fellowship3880 San Rafael Ave.

This is one of the most spectacular, tranquil, picturesque locations in all of Los Angeles. Old magical trees, bubbling ponds, lush bushes and vibrant flowers make up the “garden” with many pockets, nooks and crannies to meditate, reflect on life and bond with loved ones.

Mt. Washington remains a perfect example of modernity and development meeting nature and wilderness. There are plenty of open spaces - and so close to Downtown Los Angeles - for residents and families to enjoy the outdoors and exercise. That isn’t the case in all Los Angeles communities.

It is important to remember that areas such as Mt. Washington - where small, modest turn of the century style homes nest next to million dollar mid-century homes and mansions - is a tricky place to buy and sell real estate. Parks and schools are important as well as many other factors. It is worth taking to a Mt. Washington real estate agent to get all questions answered before signing on the line that is dotted.

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