Suburban Apartment Living Fit for…A Queen?

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With the upcoming announcement of the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, all of Britain is preparing for another large royal wedding.

Kate Middleton,Guest Posting a commoner who has dated the Prince of Wales since their freshman year at university, will not only be planning her nuptials, but will also have to prepare to move into the royal compound as well. As some of us know, the only thing that can be more stressful than planning a wedding, especially one of a royal nature, is planning a move. There will be many things that Kate will need to do before making her move into her new home and becoming Princess Kate. Likewise, moving into a new apartment isn’t a task that should be taken lightly. Finding a new home, even when looking for an apartment, is an important undertaking that should not be done without a good plan. There are many options available in the different apartment communities in the Plano, TX area. You should be prepared to weigh the pros and cons of each apartment unit that make your short list so that you can move forward having made the best decision for yourself. Here are a few steps that can help even the most modest apartment renter live like a princess like Kate Middleton:

Commute time

One thing is for sure, Kate Middleton will not worry about her commute to and from her workplace. However, for most renters, the amount of time that it will take to drive from your apartment to your place of employment or school will be a major factor when considering where to make your next home. Living in a suburban area affords many luxuries but can also mean a longer commute time. You should map out your route and try driving it during your normal commuting hours.


Along with becoming a bona fide princess after marrying Prince William, Kate Middleton will also be able to take advantage of other perks. Not only will she live in a real-life castle, she will be able to enjoy all the fringe benefits of doing so. Servants, assistants, security guards, and transportation to and from any place that she wants is all a part of it. All apartment communities offer some extras to entice renters to lease at their property. These “extras” are called amenities and are sometimes the deciding factor for a prospective renter. Amenities include everything from washer and dryer connections and/or appliances, pools, upgraded flooring options, among other things. Finding the apartment community that offers the best combination of the amenities that you need will ensure that you are happy with your selection of apartment community once you have moved in.

Community Resources

Although Kate Middleton will have access the best that her community, country even, has to offer, we too can make sure that we’re taking advantage of the resources that our new community has to offer. Larger cities offer local community or recreation centers that offer classes for their residents. Additionally, there is also a public transportation system that can be taken advantage of if you don’t want to battle the traffic that may come along with a longer drive. There are many things that you can access within your community that will help to keep you entertained. You can even take advantage of most of these resources for little to no extra cost – since most of us don’t have king and queen money.

Moving into a new apartment in a new community can be exciting and fun. However, without the proper planning, not only can moving be exhausting, but the transition to a new area can leave you feeling isolated and lonely. Be sure to prioritize your wants and needs in order to find the apartment property and community that will work best for you when selection from among all Plano apartments. While Kate Middleton is preparing for her life as the next Princess of Wales and, potentially, Queen of England, you should be making plans to have a successful move. For more information on apartment living or to read if you want to know why finding UMoveFree Complaints are difficult, go to

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