The Definitive FAP Turbo Review for Wary and Unfamiliar Traders

Apr 2


Toby Litrell

Toby Litrell

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Having been burned by similar programs in this niche in the past, I decided to try it myself and put it to the test using their money back guarantee as collateral, so here is my system FAP Turbo review.


FAP Turbo is easily the most popular and infamous forex auto trading program available to traders today for automatically placing and ending trades,The Definitive FAP Turbo Review for Wary and Unfamiliar Traders Articles relieving traders of that burden in full. This is a full system FAP Turbo review.

First a bit about this system if anyone is unfamiliar with it. FAP turbo is a forex auto trading program, meaning that it automatically places and exits trades on your behalf to ensure that you land on the winning ends of your trades as often as possible. Briefly, how it works is that it first scours the market looking for what it deems as being high probability trading opportunities using complex mathematical algorithms. Once it's found a trade that it likes, it initiates that trade then follows that currency which you are investing in's performance against the other around the clock.

Eventually, once the market turns again and out of your favor, the system decides when best to trade away the now bad investment, and the process repeats. It doesn't place a trade every single day, only when it finds what it believes to be the high probability trades. Other days it will enact multiple trades at once.

In gauging this forex auto trading program's performance for me, I've estimated that it's won maybe 8.5 out of 10 trades that it has placed for me. Its success made me more curious about this program, so I investigated it further. It turns out that the fundamental difference between FAP turbo and virtually every other forex auto trade program to there today is that FAP turbo focuses on lower risk/reward trades entirely. In other words it doesn't go for the big payout like so many other overly aggressive systems. It trades within its means and this method of "responsible" trading where it only goes after trades that it believes are safe and can make money help to give this program the greatest winning rate of any system out today.

In some respects, this forex auto trading program does the exact same things that a full service forex broker would do for you. In fact it's just like having someone who knows what they're doing tending to your campaign all day, but without the commissions or monthly fees or anything like that.

Because of FAP Turbo's tendency to focus on lower risk/reward trades, this forex auto trading program should be considered less a get rich quick scheme and more a realistic and reliable automated money maker which virtually anyone can use to supplement their existing income. That's how I choose to look at it, and I continue to use it religiously today.