Why Financial Investors Should Know Their History

Mar 5


Jeff Wendland

Jeff Wendland

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We can learn a lot from investors of the past century.  The lessons taught through failures and successes of financial investors of the past can help us adapt to the current rocky financial climate.


If you want to be successful with your financial investing,Why Financial Investors Should Know Their History Articles it is important to know your history.  Studying the stories of past investors can teach you important financial principles.  Principles do not change.  A principle is a basic truth, law or perception and knowing and understanding the principles of financial investing can save you a lot of stress and help you protect your investments.

If you invest your money, odds are good that you know who Steve Forbes is and you also know that he has been publishing a successful financial magazine appropriately titles Forbes.  Richard Phalon has been a contributing editor to Forbes since 1980.  Before that, he spent his time at the New York Times covering personal finance, Wall Street, urban affairs, and politics. 

Phalon has authored a book which has been made into an audiobook titled Forbes Greatest Investing Stories which is a great collection of well known investors and how their stories can help with dealing with the turbulent markets of the twenty first century.

In this audiobook, Phalon illustrates past investors like Benjamin Graham and T. Rowe Price's experience can relate to the new world of the Internet.  These stories demonstrate how you can spot value and profit from the growth of this rewarding new median. 

Let the time-tested measures of seers like Benjamin Graham and T. Rowe Price, adapted to the world of the Internet, show you how to spot value at a discount and profit from growth at its growth most rewarding.  This audiobook is packed with investing lessons, and wisdom that can give you the insight you need to give you the edge with your financial investing.

Forbes Greatest Investing Stories also does a great job in showing how the skill and determination of trailblazing women like Hetty Green and Muriel F. Siebert proved that men have no monopoly on what it takes to win on Wall Street.

Enjoying and learning from this book as an audiobook is a great way to maximize your time.  The audiobooks is 10 hours in length so you know it is full of detail and inspirational stories of these financial trailblazers.  Audiobooks are great for multitaskers.  You can learn while you work around the house or office, and they make commuting a breeze.  If you are ready to listen to this audiobook yourself and learn why you should know your history as a financial investor, the best place to find it is by downloading the audiobooks off of the net.

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