11 Destinations for Complete Vegan Diet Experience

Sep 12


Ashish Gaurav

Ashish Gaurav

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Vegan food lover? Check out 11 destinations that give you Complete Vegan Diet Experience.



“Vacation”,11 Destinations for Complete Vegan Diet Experience Articles what does this word sound like? Assuredly, crispier than a chocolate chip bar or gooey like a vanilla cake. As much as you are salivating right now reading this, you know deep down that trying new foods on a vacation is one thing that scares you in one moment but lures you in the other. Every destination has a different cuisine and it might be actually scary for a health-conscious traveler or an individual who has several ethical preferences to try new dishes. More than the dishes and the culture, it is the ingredients in there that frightens the soul. How about traveling to destinations that offer a wholesome vegan diet experience? This new-age cult aka Veganism has taken over the millennial generation by storm and has even managed to pull in a lot of elderly people. And, why not? Plant-based dishes, dairy-free desserts, and cruelty-free junk food- well, do you need more persuasion?

Even though there are not many studies confirming any concrete benefit of the diet over a meat diet, still you can be healthier and lighter on the escapade. Vegan diets offer lighter meals, greens & salads, and cakes or pastries that are also appropriate for people with the issue, such as Lactose Intolerance, Type-2 Diabetes, and Missing Stomach Enzymes.

Are you ready for the ride? Here are 11 fabulous vegan retreats to stir up the traveler in you:

  1. London

There is no other city like this one. There is just one ‘London’ and no other city matches to its beauty, city life, and food, for sure. A major part of Europe stays snowy and cold for more than 5-6 months a year so it’s natural to think that these countries serve meat and dairy for most parts. However, cities like London has vegan options and health-oriented restaurants offering hormone free healthy foods and meatless meat items at fewer places. The city has Ms. Cupcake, Vida Bakery, and Club Mexicana as top vegan spots. You will have many options to explore, unravel an urban lifestyle, witness diversity amongst travelers, and maintain an optimal digestion on-the-go. London is definitely one spot that leaves you lusting for more

  1. Glasgow

Besides London, Glasgow steals the show when it comes to mentioning some of the abundant and famous vegan retreats around the world. Glasgow has also been declared as the most vegan-supportive destination in the United Kingdom and this makes it an apt health vacation destination. Apart from being famous for its snow season, ancient churches, and general lifestyle, Glasgow will lure you with its new vegan additions in popular restaurants. The restaurants at Glasgow will have you at the fine décor, great music, and additional vegan pubs and little eat-outs for that extra sweet & savory offering. This populous city of Scotland has Flying Duck, Picnic, and Stereo as some of the popular vegan spots to enjoy gourmet fine dining.

  1. Berlin

One of the biggest cities and capital city of Germany, Berlin upholds its position as a traveler’s favorite vegan destination. The city, known for its art and culture is now moving towards new-age trends and Veganism is one of them. Berlin is also known for its popular Yoga retreats and wellness vacation spots, which connects the further dots quite appropriately. Berliners believe in the healthy Vegan lifestyle and therefore, you will find a number of vegan pizza joints, Vietnamese-style restaurants, organized German cuisine, café, and much more. Moreover, if you are planning to stay in a hotel with your own kitchen or probably a studio then, fret not, as you will find a good number of health grocery stores with a lot of vegan stuff on the aisle. One of the famous raw vegan gourmet restaurants in Berlin is Rawtastic. Head on to satiate your cravings.

  1. New York City

You have to be extra with everything when visiting the chic New York City- shopping, style, food, and fashion. Recognized as the international food capital of the world, New York City has recently been recognized amongst vegan enthusiasts and health vacationers. Every second restaurant in the city now offers a separate Vegan menu, customized dishes, raw foods, and even a variety of green juices. The exciting part is that many globally popular American fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Taco Bell have vegan options or they easily veganize the order for every customer and this is no less than fabulous. Luckily, for all your sweet-tooth out there, there are donut and pastry cafés in almost every nook of this city.

  1. Mexico

It is time to move past the popular belief that Mexico has only beef and chicken enchiladas or tacos to offer. Beaches, palm-lined coastlines, street foods, and beautiful Cholas are few of the reasons why Mexico is famous. The destination is amongst the top vegan retreats around the world offering some of its popular dishes prepared using soy, almond and other dairy-free alternatives. The advent of Vegan Nutella and Meatless products has only added to the excitement and some of the popular restaurants are serving the customized dishes. So, right after you sun tan at a beach, head on to some of the popular vegan restaurants, such as Vegamo MX, Kalpoli Margarita, and La Pitahaya Vegana.

  1. Buenos Aires

Speaking of popular vegan retreats around the world, it is impossible to ignore the beauty of Buenos Aires visible in every aspect of it. Down south in America, this city in Argentina shall surely take your heart away with its special vegan treats, customized food menus, and much more. You can find everything here - fast foods, main courses, cakes, bakeries, and even tea & coffees. Everything healthy and ‘vegan’. Restaurants like Pizza VeganaRecoleta, Rocket Bar, and VITA-Palermo offer vegan pizza with potato cheese, dishes made using lentils or quinoa, and sandwiches made using chickpeas and other plant-based proteins. So, while you enjoy the beauty and culture of this destination, do not miss to satiate your gastronomical pangs with the vegan dishes.

  1. Portland

Recognized as the number one Vegan destination in the USA by PETA in 2016, Portland thrives on the idea and sustainability of a Vegan lifestyle. If you are planning to visit the US then do not forget to visit this popular vegan retreat to have an experience of a lifetime. Vegan barbeques, chic dining options, fine dines, and Portland’s own gourmet dishes are some of the reasons why people love visiting this place. Some of the top vegan restaurants that travelers absolutely love are Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ, farm Spirit, and Blossoming Lotus, where you can find meatless dishes, soy-based delicacies, and desserts made cruelty-free.

  1. Israel

According to global population statistic, Israel has the highest number of vegans in the world and this number is expected to grow even further. The city of Tel Aviv has the number of similar population and therefore, you can find a cluster of vegan restaurants or eateries that customizes the food for guests. Visit this wonderful destination and experience world-class Israeli/ Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine that is veganized and prepared with utmost art and love. Restaurants like MeshekBarzilay Deli serve delicious salads and meatless dishes to suit the preference of different travelers’ needs. These restaurants also have separate coffee bars, café, stalls selling cupcakes, cakes and dairy-free savories.

  1. Los Angeles

Hollywood, fashion trends, night clubs, and a lot of fun - Los Angeles is famous for so many different things. Another thing that reels in a lot of travelers from all over the world is the good number of vegan restaurants in just about five square-mile of area. A vegan mecca¸ Los Angeles has Ethiopian restaurants, Japanese, and even Cuban eat-outs serving exclusive vegan treats for guests. Similar to being in New York, you can find a number of fast food joints customizing their popular burgers and fries as per the ‘vegan’ standards and adding soy-based meat patties. Definitely, you would need some sugar rush in your life, so visit bakeries like Donut Farm, Pomegranate, and Moo Shoes for best of cake and mousse experience.

  1. Chiang Mai

Voyaging through oceans, it is time to dive deep into the beauty of the Asian region. Chiang Mai in Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations and vegan retreats in the world. Tons of opportunities for Yoga retreats, beach meditation sessions and your favorite fish dishes turned vegan and even more delicious. So, if you are fond of Asian cuisines like South Indian, Thai, or similar food items, then Chiang Mai shall keep your belly happy and heart satiated. You can find a number of restaurants offering vegan foods located along or towards the Nimmanhaemin Road, Moon Muang Road, Bumrungrad Road, and Wualai Road. Wondering where to hit for that satisfaction? Go for restaurants like Vegan Heaven, Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant, or Terraces.

  1. Taiwan

A popular city in China, this is a surprise addition to the list of vegan retreats. The city of Taipei has many vegan eat-outs offering tailor Udon Noodles, Black Sesame Tofu veggie, or various rice-based dishes. Chinese cuisine is famous all over the world and one thing that adds to the existing zing is the new vegan cult taking over. If you are worried about finding delicious sweet dishes then you have some of the amazingly scrumptious waffles made from oats, Paninis cooked using veggies, available in a number of restaurants here. Choose amongst options like Soul R. Vegan Café, Loving Hut, and Zihong Liu Vegan Café for the ultimate vegan food experiences.


Be where you heart and belly takes you!!