21 Day Fast Mass Building? How You Can Build 12 lbs of Muscle Mass In 21 Days Fast

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Tired of Being Skinny? and Tired of Programs That Don't Work? You Won't Be Tired Any Longer After You Find Out The Muscle Secret You Don't Know In This Article

21 Day Fast Mass Building is a new program created by the famous muscle fitness industry leaders,Guest Posting Vince Delmonte and Lee Hayward. The program is going to be released on January 11, 2011 and according to Vince and Lee, you can gain up to 12 pounds of pure muscle in 21 days by taking advantage of the “Amplifier Effect”. How can you possibly build 12 lbs of muscle mass in 21 days fast? Well Vince and Lee have discovered a certain technique that amplifies your bodies potential to grow muscle and grow it fast. This technique was responsible for Vince packing on 12 pounds of pure muscle in only 21 days! Obviously the results will vary for some people but they did a pre-test and let 100 people try the “21 days fast mass building” program and they ALL gained impressive muscle. What is the technique? They did an experiment where they controlled their diet to a scientific level. Before they started the 21 day cycle they went through 1 week of a low carb diet to make their body ultra sensitive to carbs. They refer to this as the amplifier effect because after the one week low carb diet they switch to a high carb diet and it dramatically produces the results they and you are looking for. This isn’t the only factor that aided in adding 12 pounds to Vince’s frame but it is one of the many outlined in the 21-Day Fast Mass Building program by Vince and Lee. Where can I get more information? Vince and Lee are giving away 2 free pdf reports jam packed with tips that you can implement immediately into your training called “The Death of Bulking” and “The Amplifier Effect”

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…so now that you know the secret technique they used to pack on 12 pounds of pure muscle in 21 days, find out what else they did and what you can do in order to produce these same impressive results by downloading the 2 free reports at 21 Day Fast Mass Building program

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