Great Kettlebell Workouts for Men

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For all men out there who wish to burn fat and get muscly, this kettlebell workout is right for you.

Are you tired of fad workout systems that only seem to work a few weeks? Do you want a type of exercise that burns fat all over the body while sculpting your muscles,Guest Posting too? Then look at the Russian kettlebell, the most powerful fitness tool in the world. It's simple and it is more than a century old. Yes, that's how old Russian kettlebells are, but they are still being used today because they work. If you are a guy and you want to become stronger, then the plain answer to your problem is a Russian kettlebell workout. Here are some great exercises to get you started off on the right track. 


Kettlebell Clean The kettlebell clean is another foundational movement that you should master before heading over to more advanced movements (such as movements that require catching kettlebells in midair). There are two variations of the kettlebell clean: the single clean and the double clean. For the single clean, you will need just one kettlebell. Place the kettlebell at your side and, when ready, pick it up and place it at the side of your shoulder. Remember to completely straighten your body as you do so, and keep your core muscles tight as well. When the kettlebell is on your shoulder, bend at the waist and lower it to knee level. Perform at least six sets of seven repetitions. Now, you can also perform double cleans or cleans involving two kettlebells. The procedure is the same, but this is decidedly more challenging because obviously there will be more weight involved. If you are having trouble with double cleans, the problem may lie in how you raise the kettlebells in the first place. You must generate enough speed and explosive force when you straighten your body in order to propel the kettlebells upward. If you allow your arms to do all the work, you are going to have a tough time because that is the wrong technique for this type of exercise.

Double Snatches Double kettlebell snatches are for folks who have already mastered the snatch and can handle heavier loads. To perform a double snatch you will need two kettlebells and lots of space to swing them around. Stand with your feet wide apart. Hold the two kettlebells at the center and bend at the waist, keeping your spine neutral. When you are ready, explode upward and swing the kettlebell forward. When the kettlebells are at the midpoint (your chest level) knock them back a little and push upward as hard as you can to drive them up. Once above your head, do not forget to lock them out. To safely lower two heavy kettlebells, lower them to chest area first before lowering them to knee level. Bend at the waist so you will not strain your back. Double snatches are tough, but doable. If you wish, you can perform double kettlebell snatches to failure and time yourself. See how many double KB snatches you can perform in five minutes!

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