How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist –Three Crucial Tips to Maximize Fat Loss from Aerobic Exercise!

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Learn how to lose inches off your waist by calculating your heart rate zones, using a heart rate monitor and exercising in the low intensity zone.  Incorporating these tips will result in dramatic fat loss and increased metabolism.

Tip 1 - Calculate Your Heart Rate Zones 

Calculating your maximum Heart Rate (“HR”) and your maximum HR percentages can lead to safer,Guest Posting more effective aerobic workouts.  It will help you exercise in the right intensity zone for an extended period of time thus producing greater results. 

The American Medical Association estimates your maximum HR as 220 minus your age.  The following illustrates calculations made for a 45 year old individual: 


* 220 – 45 (your age) = 175


* 50% of MHR: 175 x .5 = 87.5

* 60% of MHR: 175 x .6 = 105

* 65% of MHR: 175 x .65 = 113.75

* 70% of MHR: 175 x .7 = 122.5

* 80% of MHR: 175 x .8 = 140

* 85% of MHR: 175 x .85 = 148.75

* 90% of MHR: 175 x .9 = 157.5

* 95% of MHR: 175 x .95 = 166.25 

Note: see the Karvonen Formula for an additional way to estimate your MHR. 

Tip 2 - Use a Heart Rate Monitor 

A Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) is a personal measuring device which enables you to monitor your heart rate in real time.  Instant monitoring of your HR will tell you when you are working too hard or not hard enough.  This is CRUCIAL for helping you exercise in the desired intensity zone. 

A typical HRM is a type of wrist watch/receiver that monitors your HR via a wireless chest strap transmitter.  HRMs are quite accurate and calibrate to your body when you input data such as your birth date, weight, height and activity level.  Most HRMs provide the following functions: time; date; alarm; real time and continuous heart rate readings; HR range settings; file storage; chrono; countdown; and, lap/split times. 

Tip 3 – Exercise In The Low Intensity Zone 

Training by heart rate/intensity zones gives you purpose and direction to your aerobic training.  Your HR percentages are used to set the upper and lower limits of your intensity zone ("IZ").  The real time information from your HRM will provide the information needed to adjust your training level so as to stay in the desired IZ.


* Warm Up – HR is approximately 50%

* Low Intensity Zone – HR is between 60-70%

* Medium Intensity Zone – HR is between 70-85%

* High Intensity Zone – HR is between 85- 95% 

For fat loss, we need to focus on the Low IZ.  Exercising in this zone has shown to provide many health benefits, including but not limited to, decreases in body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol.  Approximately 85% of calories burned in this zone stems from fat.  Of all the IZs, the Low IZ burns the most fat during exercise. 


The following program will help you lose excess body fat fast. 

* Type of Exercise: elliptical machine; treadmill; stationary bike; hiking or power walks.  Any consistent activity is satisfactory as long as you stay in the intensity zone.

 * Amount of Exercise: 3x/week

 * Intensity Level: Low IZ - keep your HR between 65-70%.  Make necessary adjustments (speed up, slow down, increase and/or decrease resistance) to help keep your HR in the zone.

 * Length:  Begin the program by exercising for 30 minutes (if 30 minutes is too strenuous, try 25 min, or reduce by 5 min increments until the time is manageable).  Each workout thereafter should be increased by five minutes (30 min, 35 min, 40 min, etc.).

 * Program Duration: 6 weeks.


Get the most out of your aerobic exercise.  By adopting these tips, you will maximize your fat loss, increase your metabolism and gain many other health benefits.

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