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General information about ringworm

Ringworm is a common fungal skin infection caused by a mold-like fungus,Guest Posting known as Dermatophyte. This kind of skin infection generally occurs due to unhygienic environment or surroundings. That is why, mainly young children get more affected with this skin infection because of the lack of proper self hygiene. Also, babies staying in nurseries, care homes and schools are more exposed to the ringworm skin fungal infection. Ringworm infection can also be transmitted to a person while cleaning dogs or cats or while petting. In many cases, humans can get the disease from other kinds of animals such as goats, horses and cows. Ringworm infection can take place in the form of red patches on any part of the skin, and if not treated on time, the infection rapidly expands to non-infected area too in ring-like shape. A person can also catch the ringworm infection easily if he or she shares personal accessories like clothes, combs, beddings, brushes and towels with a person who is already affected with the infection. Mainly there are two species of fungus that are the major cause of ringworm infection, including Trichophyton and Microsporum.

These two species causing fungal infection infect different parts of the body. This kind of fungal infection in legs, arms and trunks is scientifically known as Tinea Corporis, if it is in scalp it is scientifically known as Tinea Capitis and if the infection is in groin area it is known as Tinea Cruris. The fugal infection in feet is known medically known as Tinea Pedis, in toenails and fingernails it is called Tinea Unguium and in palm and hand it is known as Tinea Mannum. These are the major parts of the body that get affected by the ringworm infection. Ringworm infection on the scalp usually begins with the emergence of tiny pimples that spread rapidly leaving crusty patches of temporary baldness. The infected scalp makes the roots of the hair weak eventually leading to break off. Sometimes, yellowish crusty may also take place during the occurrence of ringworms. The ringworm on the nails might infect one or more nails of a person's feet or hands. In this situation, the nails might turn out to be pale, thick and weak. However, the probability of ringworm on nail is less found in puberty but more found in children.

Ringworm infection on feet usually happens to people like athletes who may not have time to take care of personal hygiene. The symptom will start from rashes between toes that expand rapidly if the proper treatment is not taken in early stages. Similar to this, ringworm rashes occur in the jock-related area too. The type of ringworm infection that occurs on feet and jock might not have appearance like ring but will be scaly and red. If we talk about the treatment of ringworm infection, one can consult a dermatologist who identifies the type of ringworm infection and accordingly can prescribe anti-fungal drugs to cure the disease. The common anti-fungal drugs prescribed by doctors include Clotrimazole and Miconazole. However, in some case, a dermatologist has to scratch off a small part of the infected flakes and diagnose it under the microscope to find the fungus.

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