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The benefits of finding out your Metabolic Bio Type include:

- More robust health and energy

- Weight control

- Freedom from hunger and cravings between meals

- Long term benefits which may include the prevention and/or reversing of disease

- Moving your weight towards your ideal weight - (lose weight if you are overweight and put on weight if you are underweight)

- Experiencing an increase in strength and stamina

- Knowing what Vitamins,Guest Posting Minerals and Herbs work best for your Metabolic Bio Type

Metabolic Bio Typing is based on the fact that we are all unique, and that each of our body's require a unique and individualised 'fuel mixture'. You can find out your Metabolic Bio Type by taking an assessment consisting of simple and easy to answer questions. Read on to find out how to take a Metabolic Bio Typing Assessment and find out your Metabolic Bio Type.

Note: You can take your Metabolic Bio Typing Assessment over the internet ( and your consultation (to explain the results) can be carried out by e-mail - so your geographical location is not an issue.

With the advent of the book on blood types, Eat Right 4 Your Type by Peter D'Adamo, N.D., the question is often asked if blood typing is the same as Metabolic Bio Typing. In short, no. Actually, one's blood type is just 1 of many different components used in the process of metabolic bio typing to determine individual nutritional requirements.

Here are the components that have been discovered to be necessary to consider in evaluating your metabolic bio type:

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) – the “master regulator” of metabolism Oxidative System – rate at which nutrients are converted to energy within the cells
Catabolic/Anabolic – aerobic / anaerobic metabolism, tissue pH, selective membrane permeability
Acid / Alkaline Balance – 6 different kinds of pH imbalancesEndocrine Type – determines body type, shape, weight gain, etc.
Constitutional Type – from AyurVeda and Chinese medicine, concerned constitutional qualities of foods relative to constitutional qualities of individual.
Blood Type – food lectins specific to ABO blood types The blood type has more to do with what few foods should be left out of your diet due to their lectin content specific to your blood type.

But blood type has little to do with what foods and nutrients should be eaten. For that, we need to consider the body's primary mechanisms that specifically regulate how energy is created, maintained and controlled, such as the ANS, Oxidative System and Catabolic/Anabolic processes. And whereas the blood type is static, non-changing, the different balances, strengths and weaknesses in the other fundamental control mechanisms can and do change.

What is most important to know is that every food and every nutrient has very specific stimulatory or inhibitory effects on these fundamental homeostatic control systems that regulate every process in your body at every level of activity.

This is why getting the right nutrition is so critical. Moreover, through metabolic bio typing we have learned that any food or nutrient can have different effects on different metabolic types. As it turns out, the old adage that “one man's food is another's poison” is literally true.

Fact is, you can eat the best organic foods, take the best supplements money can buy, get plenty of rest, exercise regularly and still not feel well.

Why? Because you did not eat those foods for which your body has a specific, genetically-based requirement. Only through Metabolic Bio Typing can you be assured that your food will be the medicine God intended it to be.

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