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Over 40 Ab Solution is a fitness program that was designed to help men and women at age 40 and above to lose weight in just 12 minutes daily – all without fancy workout equipment or following harsh diets.

This is an Over 40 AB solution review. This is a product created by Shaun Hadsall very recently that consists in downloadable guides. These eBooks are a part of a fitness program designed for men and women over 40 looking to lose weight with routine that don’t take them too much time. Of course,Guest Posting the program excludes the use of workout equipment and harsh diets. It encourages users to perform daily activities that can be done 12 minutes, instead.


The instructions in these guides can be perfectly followed by people with colo-rectal cancer. These patients tend to have issues caused by radiation and chemotherapy treatments. One of the consequences of undergoing these treatments is the weight gain. And this does not end at this point because exercises are not enough to reduce these effects. What is worse, the problem can escalate even when they change their habits. The Over 40 Ab Solution can provide assistance to cancer sufferers that are encountering this trouble.

The point is that failing to lose weight can lead to frustration. The Over 40 Ab Solution is a guide that explains the secret of weight loss even in treatment. The product claims to provide that missing link that allows people to get rid of that stubborn fat that arises in the aftermath of treatments or feeding habits. This missing link is also known as the Metabolic Zone Training, whose premise consists in basic exercises in a short period of time. For this reason, the Over 40 Ab Solution can be considered a great product for people with little free time.

This invention aims to help regulate metabolism. Here are some of the Over 40 Abs Solution features:

  1. Training Manual

The training manual works on three essential zones to work on in order to lose weight. To put it starkly, it shows you how to work out several zones of your body, be it your thighs or belly to achieve this goal. It doesn’t require you to spend too much time working out those zones, so you won’t get tired easily. It rather tells you to pick a zone and work on it by following a routine of exercises. This could differ a lot from what we do at the gym, where the workout routine is more demanding because more zones are involved.

      2. Follow- Along Success tracker

Motivation is important when you are exercising. The more motivated you are, the more effort you will make when doing exercises, thus leading to better results. This follow-along success tracker included with this guide also has diet hacks and food suggestions you can alternate each week.

Bonus items            

Bonus 1. Fast Start Guide

This bonus is special for busy bees. It sticks to the essentials and exercises you can do in a couple of tweaks. This bonus provides some exercises to be done in 12 minutes.  

Bonus 2. The Over 40 Stubborn Fat solution

Fat cells are something that annoys most middle-aged women. The good news is that they can reduce them in 7 minutes. Certainly, men can make use of this bonus 2 if they want to.

Bonus 3. A “Giving Back” bonus

It is an extra bonus that includes 37 tips to drop sizes and get fit. According to the Over 40 Solution reviews, this bonus is actually one of the most sought for because it helps prevent kidney stones, constipation and flaky skin.

Advantages of the Over Ab Solution

  1. Suitable for busy people

Once you reach the age of 40, you get busy and exercising gets really difficult. People in this situation must pick a program that allows them to exercise in minutes, so they do not spend too much of their time. The Over 40 Ab Solution is comprised of an amount of exercises that take only a dozen minutes. Do you have a dozen minutes a day for this routine?

       2. Easy to adhere

Based on the Over 40 Abs Solution reviews, this plan is actually very easy to adhere to. In a word, the instructions given are easy to understand and the exercises require no effort to perform. It may work best for losing the excess weight, actually.

       3. Good for people over 40

According to studies, it is harder to lose weight at 40 or older. The problem is that there are not many programs designed for this age. As per the Over 40 Abs Solution reviews, this is a great choice for people over 30. Furthermore, if you are 50, 60, or 70, it has the same effect.

The Over 40 Abs Solution contains exercises and tips for people over this age. Nonetheless, if you find it tough to work out in your 30’s, give it a shot.

Reading the Over 40 Ab Solution reviews leads us to the conclusion that this routine can actually provide better results than general fitness methods offered online.

90- Day refund guarantee

Even though Shaun Hadshall promises this plans can get you lasting results, it includes a 90-day refund guarantee just in case you want a refund. So, if the program didn’t work as expected, you are at the liberty to ask for a refund.

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