Reducing Your Lower Abdominal Pooch – Use These Exercises and Eating Tips

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How what you are currently doing, and what you are not doing, can be jeopardizing your efforts to reduce your lower abdominal pooch.

If you could ask those who are uncomfortable with their body what makes them the most unhappy,Guest Posting many would say their lower abdominal pooch. This refers to the sagging area of fat and skin that forms a pouch at the bottom of the stomach. It often interferes with many of the fashionable styles in clothing, including skinny jeans, bathing suits and low rise pants.

So what can you do about the lower abdominal pooch, or are you stuck with it for life?

The good news is you can reduce the size of your lower abdominal pooch. In some cases it may be possible to get rid of it entirely and create a flat looking stomach, but you have to come at this with reasonable expectations. It isn't going to happen overnight and it isn't going to be some miraculous occurrence that you just happen to wake up too one day. No way! You will have to work hard and put the effort in to reduce your stomach pouch.

Here are some tips to help you start working today to get rid of that lower abdominal pooch:

You can't focus on just the abdominal muscles. You have to work the entire body to get real progress.

Yo-yo dieting will always result in increased fat in your problem areas, which for many is the stomach area.

Consistency is vital to your workouts and diet. If you aren't consistent you won't get the results you really want.

The obliques and TVA muscles are extremely important when working to reduce the pooch. Make sure you are incorporating exercises that target these muscles directly when designing your exercise routine.

What you eat may be contributing to your tummy pooch. Try to stay away from foods high in salt as they can cause you to hold moisture in the body. If you have allergies to particular foods it could be causing bloating, which can give the same effect as a tummy pouch.

You have to combat all potential problems leading to your stomach pooch in order to really alleviate it. Remember, completely eliminating this pouch is not possible for everyone but you can reduce it to a great extent with the proper nutrition and exercise changes.

The lower abdominal pooch can be caused by too much curve in your lower spine. While many abdominal exercises will help with this problem, many people will need to seek medical help if the problem is more severe.

There are a variety of exercises that can be used to combat your stomach pooch, but here is a short list of exercise titles that can get you started:

Leg Circles

Leg Lowers

Two-Legged Bent Knee Holds

While abdominal exercises like these are an important part of working the stomach to help reduce your lower abdominal pooch, remember that overall fat loss from the entire body is essential as well.

There is no reason to keep suffering from that embarrassing lower abdominal pooch on your stomach. Work to reduce your body fat while strengthening and toning the stomach and lower back. With time, you will see changes, and progress, not just in your abdominal area, but other trouble spots on your body as well.

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