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Americans are coffee drinkers. That's not bad, but it might not be as good as being green tea drinkers. You owe it to yourself to see what the capsules can do for your workouts.

Most people would never think of putting green tea in the performance enhancer category. Supposedly the only supplements that belong there are steroids and other anabolic substances. But this is perhaps too restrictive,Guest Posting if not alarming for the average person wanting to become fit and remain that way forever.

Some athletes use green tea. This is primarily an Eastern drink, promoted by Asian practitioners who even go so far to say that it is better to be three days without food than to be one without green tea. That may be shocking to the three meals per day Westerner who never misses that noon time sandwich at least.

Westerners drink coffee. Most of us do a rather good job of limiting our intake to less than a gram daily of caffeine. To say that green tea is superior and contains caffeine  raises eyebrows. It's just not American presumably.

The green tea being talked about is the Asian variety, not the English or the American. It has EGCG in it. That is epigallocatechin gallate which produces produces remarkable effects (which are talked about extensively in other articles) on some of the toughest of conditions.

But the focus here is on fitness. What does it do for people and how much does it cost? Of course, one can brew it getting the benefits of five to six cups daily, which go far beyond the great feelings which follow. Or one can simply buy a package of twenty capsules for about five dollars from the local drug store. One of these capsules  daily along with thirty to forty minutes of an aerobic activity such as cycling makes a noticeable difference in nearly everyone.

One of the most common response of people who try this is that they are able to go faster longer with less discomfort. This is a considerable help to anyone who knows that the more you pedal or run the more fit you will become. To some that may be counter intuitive as overdoing anything supposedly results in burn out, an alleged irreversible form of exhaustion. Yet training consistently and in moderation does not have this effect.

Green tea enables you to go the distance. Granted, your will power has much to say in this regard. But the green tea, just one capsule  daily, makes working out much easier. Is not this what most of us need to insure that we will hang in there for the long haul?

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