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The right post workout nutrition makes a huge difference when it comes to getting workout results. Follow this scientifically proven workout tip, and watch your fitness results soar.

Do you want to put your workout results on steroids? Then take a close look at your post workout nutrition. By doing so,Guest Posting your fitness performance will soar.

What you consistently ingest into your body immediately following your workouts will significantly impact your fitness performance.  Most weekend fitness warriors don't pay much attention to what goes into their mouths following a heavy cardiovascular, or strength workout.

If you want more effective fitness results, then I have a huge, scientifically researched workout tip for you. Post workout nutrition drinks containing protein are better at improving workout performance.

This cutting edge fitness tip is backed by a recent research study that divided two cycling groups into a carbohydrate only post workout drink group, and a carbohydrate/protein post exercise drink group.

The results of the study indicated liquid carbohydrate and protein supplements given during a six hour post exercise recovery period helped the subjects better maintain subsequent time trial performance, and power output, compared to the carbohydrates only testing group.

The bottom line of the whole study revealed post workout nutrition, comprised of both carbohydrates, and protein, helped decrease fatigue levels, and increase fat oxidation in the subjects tested.

This little fitness tip has been proven to really help fitness enthusiasts workout harder. All that is necessary is to consume a combined carbohydrate/protein post workout drink immediately after your cardio, or strength workout.

Alternatively, if post workout nutrition drinks are not for you, you can consume carbohydrates like fruit, and protein such as chicken immediately following your workout.

Just incorporate this one simple nutrition tip, and watch your fitness performance soar.

The important aspect of ingesting carbohydrates, and protein immediately following a workout is to get the physical recovery process moving. It is important to replenish your glycogen reserves in order to get ready for the next workout.

The protein consumed will assist the muscle recovery process. Your main goal after a hard workout is to get ready for the next training session, in which you can surpass the intensity of the previous workout session because you are fully glycogen loaded, and recovered from the previous training session. 

Give your fitness results a big boost by following this powerful post workout nutrition tip. It is simple to follow, and has been shown to work in scientific studies. Why not incorporate it into your fitness program?

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