Natural Energy Drinks for the Healthy Boost You Need

Apr 7


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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Everyone needs an energy boost at times; many turn to energy drinks. Natural energy drinks made with healthy ingredients are a great way to stimulate the body and brain.


There is a lot of talk about energy drinks and,Natural Energy Drinks for the Healthy Boost You Need Articles sadly a lot of misinformation too. For some, energy drinks are the way to power up after a sleepless night, or to get through a long shift. Some people swear by them – but are they safe? Some of this controversy comes from many companies offering “energy drinks” and all of these drinks are lumped together as the same thing, when in fact there are differences between energy drinks and natural energy drinks.

What constitutes as an energy drink?

An energy drink can be any beverage that contains high levels of a stimulating ingredients. This can be caffeine and sugar with other supplements added to produce mental alertness and performance. By looking at what makes an energy drink, there are many unhealthy choices. Many people may remember JOLT cola, for example. The slogan for JOLT was all the sugar and twice the caffeine. People of all ages would drink JOLT in order to get energy to complete tasks and stay awake. When looking at the makeup of JOLT this was not a healthy choice, but it was an energy drink.

Modern artificial energy drinks

There are many energy drinks available today in every corner store and major grocery chains. People have stated that they cannot start the day without an energy drink and have even argued that it is healthier then starting the day with a cup of coffee. Many of these energy drinks, however, are made with artificial chemicals and stimulants. Often there is excess sugar and synthetic caffeine. These energy drinks will give a person a sugar high but also will cause a sugar crash. This unhealthy cycle can occur many times in a day causing a person to rely on artificial highs. When it comes to energy drinks, there is a better way. Read on to find out about natural energy drinks.

Natural energy drinks:

One of the differences between natural energy drinks and other sugary, unhealthy drinks is the type stimulant used. Natural energy drinks contain natural caffeine. Caffeine is found in plans such as coffee, coco beans and yerba mate (a natural plant grown in South America). Natural caffeine has a slower release to prevent sharp highs and lows, but it still stimulates the brain and increases energy.

Natural energy drinks such as yerba mate based drinks also use energy-boosting organic ingredients such as suma root, guarana and acerola cherry. Using superfoods in the energy drink also promotes overall physical and mental health. Natural energy drinks also use real flavors (not synthetic) for great tasting drinks.


Yerba mate natural energy drinks are a great alternative to sugary energy drinks. Natural energy drinks provide alertness and clarity without the “crash” or unhealthy ingredients. Natural energy drinks have other benefits for physical and mental health. When looking for a quick shot of energy or mental awareness, look for a better tasting and healthier option.