The Sole F80 Vs The Sole F83: Why The Price Difference?

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In today's market where there are plenty of treadmill choices available for consumers, a $200 price difference may seem like a lot. So what extra features could you get for this additional investment? In this Sole F80 vs Sole F83 comparison, you'll find out just what makes the later model slightly more expensive, and if the price is worth getting the upgraded treadmill.

One of Sole's best treadmills in the mid-price range is the Sole F80,Guest Posting considered a best buy. As a slightly upgraded version, you will find the Sole F83. Is the upgrade worth the added costs? This comparison of the Sole F80 and F83 can help you decide. It evaluates the advantages the F83 has over the F80 and determines which gives you the best value for your money. In opting for the F83, you would need to shell out an additional $200 for the following features: A three inch longer running surface. Despite the good reviews the Sole F80 is getting, one of the issues some customers had with it is its walking or running area measuring 20 by 55 inches - not quite long enough for tall users. With the F83, this dilemma is eliminated because this machine now comes with a 20 by 58 inches running deck. A 10 pound difference in weight. The Sole F83 weighs 260 pounds and is 10 pounds more than the F80 treadmills, which weigh in at 250 pounds. What does this weight difference mean? It translates into better runner support. For example, the F80 can only accommodate runners up to 350 pounds, while the F83 can support up to 375 pounds. A higher speed capacity. If you're a serious runner or want to train at the highest possible speeds, the F83 has a speed range of 0.5 to 12 mph while the F80 can go only as fast as 11 mph. Incline and speed controls right on the arm rest. Although a minor feature, it is beneficial to joggers. Speed controls that are located on the arm rest allows for quick and easy pace changes. You can make changes without interrupting your workout. And what of the other features? Other than the above factors, the basic specs for these two treadmills are evenly matched. These are:

  • 3.0 HP Continuous Duty Motor;
  • 2 and a half inch rollers and 2-ply thick belts;
  • Hand pulse grips and heart rate controls with included wireless chest strap;
  • Red LED readout display for the console;
  • 6 pre-set programs and 2 user-defined programs;
  • 2 heart rate control programs; and
  • Cooling fans and built-in speakers
The F80 has a $1,499.99 price tag and the F83 comes in at $1,699.99. Moreover, both treadmills come with the same warranties. These warranties include two years for labor, five years for parts, and a lifetime warranty on the deck, frame, and motor. The Sole F80 versus The Sole F83 - Is the higher costing model worth the buy? Honestly, you get a reliable and well-built treadmill with either model. Both allow you to achieve and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Among Sole treadmill reviews, the more affordable F80 got great reviews. In short, if the ten pound weight difference, lower speed capacity, and shorter running deck does not matter to you, go for the cheaper Sole F80 treadmill. Compare treadmills instantly with our dynamic comparison tool and compare over 26 features of the best-rated treadmills! Read the full Sole F80 vs Sole F83 review and then apply the comparison tool to find out how they match up.

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