Weight Training For Fat Loss

Sep 27


Jenny Jordan

Jenny Jordan

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For many years, I believed that weight training for fat loss is just a myth. My friends use to advise me to join a gym and start exercising if I want ...

For many years,Weight Training For Fat Loss Articles I believed that weight training for fat loss is just a myth. My friends use to advise me to join a gym and start exercising if I want to lose body fat. I always thought that muscle mass can be gained through weight training, I never thought of exploring the other side. Body fat can bring disastrous results t your life, some of such results experienced by me includes: left alone, facing issues in finding jobs, facing issues in having relationships and being humiliated by people. This compelled me to start weight training for fat loss. Following are some of the tips that I considered during the process of weight loss through weight training:
1.    We have a tendency of eating too much and we and up adding more calorie to our body than our body can burn. We should eat food which is rich in protein and the consumption should be in lower amounts. We should give a gap of two to three hours between meals. This will help in burning body fat and gaining muscle mass.

2.    We should increase the consumption of water. I was advised to during 1 gallon of water/day and the advise really worked well for me. Increase in intake of water increased my muscle mass.

3.    One should avoid eating at all after 6pm, our body will obtain energy from whatever is in our stomach. This will increase the consumption of body fat and decrease in body fat. The advantage of this activity doubles if you conduct cardiovascular exercise as soon as you wake up.

4.    I obtained muscle mass by emphasizing on lean muscles during my workout sessions. I used to use heavy free weight compound exercises to increase mass growth. These exercise help in developing more mass than doing exercises in isolation.

5.    Do not try to over train, take rest after each session of free weight workout. This helps in recovery of body energy. Do not work on the same body part every day, work on one body session for once in one week. This will increase your work out on one body part and all body parts will obtain equal development.

DO not listen to people who say that everybody cannot have six pack abs, six pack abs are there in every body. Your six packs are just hidden beneath your body fat. Conduct weight training for fat loss and obtain your own six pack abs.