3 Best Household and Kitchen Equipment Companies in UAE

Jan 21


Danish Maniyar

Danish Maniyar

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Listed below are top companies delaing in Household and Kitchen Equipment in UAE.


Household and Kitchen equipment are those kitchen tools that play an essential part in the processes of kitchens in homes,3 Best Household and Kitchen Equipment Companies in UAE Articles restaurants, catering services, hotels, etc. They are indispensable to the kitchen and help to carry out the process of food making and serving efficiently. They are used for various kitchen operations such as cutting, grinding, blending, etc. Items such as cutlery, plates, non-stick utensils, knives, graters, trays, etc. also fall into the category of kitchen equipment. This equipment helps the food industry to function effectively by reducing the time to prepare food and also cut costs.

The food industry has grown tremendously in the last decades in Dubai and the UAE, and many reputed kitchen equipment firms are catering to the growing demands of this sector.

Here are the top three household and kitchen equipment companies in the UAE:

  1. Khiara Traders: This firm belongs to the prestigious Khiara group, which has its operations in the Middle East, African, and other countries. With its innovative products, the firm is the first choice for hotels and catering companies. The firm is also the chief supplier of quality products to construction companies that require steel kitchen equipment. Also, the firm supplies to supermarkets, restaurants, hypermarkets, and other establishments. The company deals with a variety of products, such as hotel trays, tiffin carriers, cutlery, steel utensils, non-stick utensils, etc. The company has become an established name on account of its experienced personnel, excellent service, and reasonable prices. The firm never compromises on quality and, through its constant innovative practices, provides a new and different experience to its clients each time.

  2. Chefs Choice Kitchen Equipment Trading LLC: It is a very reputed firm that deals in world-class kitchen equipment for its customers in Dubai and the Middle East. The company is an expert in supplying equipment to newly set-up kitchens along with those that need upgrading. Its customers include hotels, catering services, hospitals, and other establishments. It provides a vast range of equipment that is inclusive of cold storage equipment, hotel supplies, food service items, etc. Through their high-quality products and excellent service, the company helps its customers to run their kitchens efficiently besidesalso enhancingtheir looks. The company has got more than 25 years of experience, and it helps it in serving its clients in the best manner possible. The firm’s experienced staff has an in-depth understanding of all the aspects of the food-making process. The staff is well-trained to provide valuable after-sales service to its clients.The company bargains with its network of reputed suppliers and provides the highest quality products at reasonable prices.Clients are also offered maintenance contracts that help them to maintain their products lifelong.

  3. AMCO Kitchen Equipment Trading LLC: AMCO, which was formed in 2015, is a famous kitchen equipment company that aims to cater to the ever-growing food industry in the UAE and the Middle East region. Through its efficient service, the firm has developed a name as the leading provider of famous world-class brands of kitchen equipment. The firm has establishedexcellent and lasting relations with both its suppliers, as well as customers. It provides services, such as installation, testing, designing in AutoCAD, stocking in warehouses, giving technical advice, etc. The company is fully dedicated to the utmost satisfaction of its clients. It caters to both individuals and business establishments and offers them complete solutions as per their customized requirements. The firm is fully supported in its efforts to satisfy the clients by its capable and experienced staff. The staff is well-trained to provide services, such as designing, installation, or maintenance. It offers genuine spare parts to its clients whenever needed. Some of the reputed brands it deals in are Merrychef, Vitamix, Imperial, Grindmaster, to name a few.

To meet all your kitchen equipment requirements, select one from the above-reputed companies. They will provide you the best kitchen solutions tailored to your demands. This equipment will not only enhance the interiors of your kitchen but also help you to maximize your productivity and cut down overheads.

There are many businesses which are always in search of best household and kitchen equipment suppliers in Dubai and UAE. DCCIInfo curates the business details of top suppliers in this field so that they can serve the food companies.