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Colourful, exotic and exciting – these words best describe Asian culture. Another wonderful aspect of Asia is the delicious fusion cuisine you get to enjoy. Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Malaysia and so many other countries in Asia are home to rich history, culture, and of course, food.

There is something scintillating about their music,Guest Posting art and dance. Their food is a treat to your taste buds, and always leave you wanting more.

Experiences in Asia are very memorable. From the architectural wonder of the Great Wall of China to the balmy beaches of Thailand, from the beautifully rustic streets of Vietnam to the urbanised glitz of Singapore, Asia is a rollercoaster ride of enjoyment and fun, with a surprise at every corner. Whether it is an afternoon of shopping or a night of revelry, Asia will enthral you. There is so much Asian culture to soak in that you will find yourself wishing for several trips more.

It’s not just the architecture and colourful culture, though; what keeps tourists and travellers coming back to the corridors of Asia is the exotic food culture that has prevailed and evolved over the years. A trip to any part of Asia is incomplete without savouring some lip-smacking noodle soup and roast duck. There are at least a thousand varieties of sweets to choose from, most of which include coconut milk, which is peculiar to Asian foods. Today, there is so much more to Chinese food than a plate of flat noodles sautéed in sesame oil and soy sauce. Japanese cuisine isn’t just a plate of sushi and sashimi.

In recent times, something that has grown astoundingly popular is fusion cuisine. Today, you get to relish a rich combination of not just Chinese and Japanese food, but a rich infusion of Thai, Indonesian and several other Asian countries’ dishes as well. Fusion cuisine combines various elements of Asian culinary traditions such as noodles and steamed dumplings, and coconut rice and braised chicken, and plates them up in a mouth-watering fashion. There are sprinklings of exotic herbs and spices which entice you the minute they land on your plate. Added to these fun dishes, you get to experience the traditional ways of eating them, be it by using chopsticks or even your bare hands.

The aroma of ginger and garlic pastes, and tomato and fish sauces pervade a kitchen which specialises in Asian fusion cuisine. You are spoilt for choice when you see items like the tom yum burger, banh mi fries, crack slurp noodle, and fusion turkey lettuce wraps on a menu.  These foods not only bring together a plethora of tastes and flavours, but they reflect the true meaning of Asian culture – colour and vibrancy.

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