Barbecue Party Tips: Grilling Up a Good Time!

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This summer you can have the perfect backyard barbecue, without a fuss!  Planning and execution of a party can get overwhelming. Well, have no fear. It’s not as complicated as it looks. Let us get started with the ultimate guide to a perfect summer barbecue party.

The scent of the grill in an afternoon colored in the orange palette,Guest Posting laughter in the air, flipping burgers and fizzing beers, happy kids playing on the lawn – Yes, it is officially summer time!


From buying a barbecue to the grilling tips & tricks, perfect handpicked summer barbecue menu and budget friendly décor hacks; we covered it all for you. So, let us get things grilling!


Quest for the perfect barbecue

There are two classic barbecue grills- charcoal & gas. Charcoal Barbecue is budget friendly but, it gets very hot and needs to be manually lit. It needs to be preheated for a minimum of 20 minutes, making it a time-consuming bet. But, the best part is you get to play with the real fire!

Gas Barbecue is typically a pricier option than charcoal, but it is easy to clean and convenient to use. Whatever the enthusiastic grillers say about their personal favorite, it’s really your call! There are pros and cons to both the grilling methods.


Let the grill heat up

Pre-heat the grill before you start cooking.  To light your charcoal grill, you’ll need a chimney starter.  A gas grill needs 10 minutes to heat up and a charcoal grill takes at least 20 minutes. Once the grill is heated and cleaned, it is time to oil the grate. Now that your grill is hot, let us get started with preparing the barbecue marvels!


Just the right barbecue menu

We all know that steaks and burgers are the hearts of a perfect barbecue party, but grilled sandwiches and pizza can add out of the ordinary flavors to your menu. Here’s a list of our favorite barbecue dishes to get you started.


  • Veggies are easy to grill, just pick your favorite vegetables and give it a try
  • Corn on the cob is perfect for grilling
  • Grilled sweet onions wrapped in bacon is a great appetizer
  • A grilled pizza is a must on your barbecue menu
  • Pork chops and caramelized onions are easy to cook barbecue delicacies
  • If you are feeling ambitious cook, then try southern style Beef Kabobs in teriyaki sauce


Barbecue style: decor tips and tricks             

Whether you’re planning a giant party or just an easy summer brunch, styling the ambiance for the event is an absolute must! Here is a list of quick and easy decor ideas:

  • Maybe you’ve already got your menu totally mapped out but now it is time to put it on a chalkboard
  • Outdoor lighting can be tricky but easy DIY ideas like using tin cans as gorgeous lanterns with a coat of paint and a few holes can help you to create a perfect ambiance for a happy summer evening
  • You can use wine bottles as vases for gorgeous flower arrangements
  • Parties create great memories that you don’t want to forget, keep an outdoor picture frame as a photo booth for your guests and take some fun pics with them.

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